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  1. Vice President? No, no. I'm gonna have Trump sign over the presidency over to me. The big job.
  2. ... I'll race you there. I'm gonna be the first foreign (as in first non-US born after George Washington) president in the history of the United States of America.
  3. So, it's almost been two weeks now. Yeah. How's life in the Kinda-Barely-Hanging-In-There-But-Still-United National Socialist* Dictatorship of America? Have you been rounded up the Gestapo yet? * Not actual socialist, of course. Shit. I guess that's why they're going with "alt-right" now! Because socialism is a dirty word! Fuck me, why did that take so long!
  4. Maybe it's an idea to consolidate your channel's updates into a single thread? You're kinda halfway there to spamming it up here.
  5. Just had a fairly hilarious occurrence in Rome: Total War's Grand Campaign. I'm at war with the Greeks, and they'd approached me to broker for peace. The requested a ceasefire, and demanded I gave back Syracuse which I'd taken from them a few turns earlier. Not wanting to do that, obviously, I made a counter-offer. A ceasefire, but they give me Thermon. I did that knowing they wouldn't go for it, we'll go another few years of war, I utterly trounce them, et cetera. They went for it. Of course, now I have a town that's completely isolated and will likely fall within the year, especially as it's surrounded by quite some troops. But I own Thermon. Moral of this story: Do everything you can with as much arrogance as possible. It pays off. (don't listen to that)
  6. Time to try some new mods then, right? Try Campfire + Frostfall.
  7. Yeah. We don't want personalities with our AI. We want synthesised voices, and cold statement of facts. Personalities are for the Japanese, who're weird and perverts. Over here we don't do stuff like th- excuse me. Yes, Siri? Haha! Siri just made a joke!
  8. We don't do snow here anymore. Haven't done for some years now. At best we get some slush. No, seriously. The moment it touches pavement, it immediately dissolves into slush. Fuck everybody who says global warming isn't real. It takes a real freak winter to produce any proper snow.
  9. I'm... not hyped at all, to be honest. I've seen it, and... no. Just no. Same response with Dr. Strange. Been told it's a pretty dang good film, but... I'll catch it when it's been out on DVD for a while, probably.
  10. So I heard! Don't know if it's actually more powerful than the Wii, but there's some serious hardware in there. Enough to run, say... SNES games. At the least. I believe it could also handle N64 games, but I don't fully remember if that's what I read or something I'm making up.
  11. I now own a Mini NES. Everything is ever so slightly better. Still utter shit! But slightly better. On the personal level.
  12. Please don't be the Dutch, please don't be the Dutch, please don't be the Dutch...
  13. Bloody hell, Kocken...
  14. If you'll look at the other threads on the subject right here in this subforums, you'll find that your one chance is often your only chance. More-so when you've been told to quit being a bag of dicks, and then you continue being a bag of dicks. (That's a technical term, mind. It's in the forum rules and everything, under the rule of "Don't be a dickbag". We're very keen on technical terms here.) Unless you've got an insanely good reason for why being "slightly racist" was absolutely okay, I'd say the Magic 8-Ball is telling you "Outlook not so good" on the whole unbanning thing. But let's wait and see what an actual mod'll tell you.
  15. It's shit. I mean, it's fun if you find an active community that's frequented by a person you'd like to follow. For instance, you're a fan of Nerd³, and want to discuss stuff. You join /r/NerdCubed. But other than that, it's shit. So... why do you want to join Reddit?