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  1. This is a PEBKAC issue. 1) If you saved the downloaded file, you wouldn't need to download it again. The "installer" is the launcher. 2) Somehow you managed to uninstall your 64 bit Java and installed 32 bit. Actually 2) Are you still on the same computer? No, seriously. Are you? All your issues seem to stem from not being on the same computer as the first time. That's actually a horrible thing, because Minecraft is incredibly bad at using RAM. The more RAM you allocate, the more RAM Minecraft can use, the more RAM it needs to clean... which Minecraft is bad at. This mean you're going to lag to shit.
  2. aotbt

    Hi, welcome to the forums. If you would like help, DON'T DUMP A FUCKING HUGE WALL OF TEXT IN MY FACE. That promptly gets ignored. I am, however, very happy you managed to solve your own problem.
  3. That's a story and a half! And you'll probably want to post this in the correct sub-section of the forums to get help. And if you DO, please post all the information people might need. I believe there's a guide in the correct sub-forum.
  4. I own 419 games. (Majority from big sales, though. Don't worry. I don't live in a cardboard box.) I've given up questioning "why" at this point. I suggest others don't even start. And I will.
  5. I bought Staxel, and it feels... yeah. My initial thought was Minecraft, but Cube World is probably more apt. Cube World meets Stardew Valley. It feels pretty solid. And looking at My Time at Portia through Many A True Nerd now, and it looks pretty neat as well. May pick that up just as I did Staxel.
  6. I'm just gonna leave this video here. I expect you'll agree that you should buy it immediately.
  7. Yeah, until Dan (Nerd³) played this, I'd never heard of it either. Hell, even Dan himself said this came out of nowhere. But it's... it's what happens when you put a superhero game inside No Man's Sky, and make it better (? Subjective). It's pretty crazy. EDIT: To illustrate what I mean, the following link has me looking at an alien star, while I'm standing infront of a crater I made by blasting the soil. The following link has me looking at the next mission (the blue spark), which is in the Sol system. Which is an entire galaxy away. Yes. I'm on an alien planet in a different galaxy. Yes. WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT THIS YET!?
  8. You know that button you clicked to install the modpack? Have another look at it. You'll find it won't say "install" any longer. Click that.
  9. Remove the last .jar. That should fix it.
  10. You misnamed your modpack.jar. Fix that, and the pack runs. (Presumably. I get to the main menu without issues, and the mods appear to have loaded in fine. I haven't tried to start a new world.)
  11. Then delete any copy of 32 bit Java you may have installed. That's the sole reason I can think of.
  12. Upgrade your Java (8) to 64 bit.
  13. Right, so I've got the game going, and it's complaining about these being for the wrong version of Minecraft. That seems like a big issue. Removing them brings me back to the launcher, however, with a crashlog complaining about DaVinci's Vessels. EDIT: Replace the mods mentioned in the screenshot with the right version, or remove them. Then, go into the "Main" config of "Moving World" and change "B:"Allow other mods to add to the whitelist/blacklist? NOTE: Turn off if you want to remove the default blacklist/whitelist"=true" to "false". That allows me to start the game to the main menu. EDIT 2: Electric Boogaloo: Huh. Stuck on loading the world. Interesting. It's not crashing, but it appears to just... not want to load. EDIT 3: Edit Hard With A Vengeance: Removing the LiteLoader jar from the installation fixed the loading issue. I can't predict what kind of issues this might give, but I'm in a world right now, and it's playable.
  14. So, what was wrong then? Wrong mod version? Incompatible with another mod? Forgot a dependency? I'm curious, since I couldn't find it easily. (Not that I have much expertise, mind...)
  15. Do you both have enough RAM allocated?
  16. I downloaded your pack, and had a poke-around. I can't figure out what's wrong with it. However, the guide you linked to may be outdated. Try this one instead. Hope that helps!
  17. It has a slight issue with an in-game store.I'm not sure how to feel about that. So far, it's only cosmetic, but... "it's only cosmetic" is no real excuse for having an in-game store in a premium game. So, y'know.
  18. There's also Ylands that came out recently. I have it, and I've messed about with it. It could be something! It has a survival mode, but it also has a game-building function where you can make your own (mini)games. Here's Keralis playing it:
  19. Yeah, for now. It's not the first time this year. She'll have an operation to remove a kidney, which should hopefully stop the anaemia problem.
  20. I got to take my mom to the ER for severe anemia on December 25th. We had dinner first, though. Which was nice
  21. For OP: Looks like some of your bees (Root Bees?) are missing genomes for some sort of effect for the crossbreeding. You should be posting this in the thread, or on the Pack's page, of the 1.7.10 Pack. It's an issue with the pack, not the launcher. EDIT: Also, very relevant. Not sure how seriously they follow this rule these days, but...
  22. Turns out it's not Biomes O Plenty, but ExtraBiomesXL in Hexxit 2.0.1. And nothing of the sort in Attack of the B-Team, unfortunately. Looking into EBXL to replace BOP now, but otherwise I think I can live without some butterflies.
  23. Guys, I'm not going crazy, am I? There was an official Technic modpack that had Butterfly Mania in it, wasn't there? I swear I played on that had the mod, and it had Biomes O Plenty where the butterflies spawned inside the BOP biomes. Out of the box they don't, so I'd like to know if there's a compatibility mod... but now I can't find the pack. If it turns out it wasn't an official pack I'll simply drop Butterfly Mania from my own pack, but...
  24. Either download the 64-bit Java. Or, if you have that, set more memory to be used by the launcher. You can find that option in the settings Launcher Options.