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  1. In-Game bug Basically, I was playing on my Lan world with my brother, and I decided to fool around with equivalent exchange. I had never messed with anything in this mod before, so I crafted and placed a calcinator. I put one piece of coal on the bottom, and 8 iron ingots on top, and waited for something to happen. Just as the white arrow had filled up in the calcinator GUI, my minecraft crashed. My computer ended up going black, and I had to wait for it to repair my (C:) drive. I updated my computer after that, and tried to reopen the world without success. After trying to open the world again, my minecraft continues to crash.I believe that the calcinator is what caused this crash, but I am unsure if there is a way to fix the world so I can play on it again? I opened the world in McEdit and was going to remove the calcinator, but it did not appear. There was no block where it should have been (other tekkit/modded blocks appeared purple.