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  1. Yeah I try to convince him but he's like that, sadly. But could you tell me please if this error could be becouse he's on cracked version or at least please tell me wich is the good crash log and I try to figure it out somehow myself.
  2. Sorry I cant yet post a log becouse he just moved. However a tought came to me.(This could be silly) but isn't the error's there becouse he has cracked techniclauncher from hackphoenix? Edit: I have original and I remember that some time ago my other cracked friend had this error too. xxx joined the server. xxx left the server.
  3. crash-reports.rar
  4. Thank you very much It worked :). However my friend can neither join my server or single player becouse of fatal error connection terminate error.
  5. Hi guys this is my first modpack and I cant download it becouse it fails every time. I use dropbox link: (I'm not sure if I set the jar up right) modpack link: Would appreciate if you could help me. Thanks C: