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  1. well yeah. thanks for trying anyways lol lmao i just found some random old video with a mediafire 3.0.3 tekkit classic server! i downloaded it and kept switching versions to check which one it is and bam success! ty
  2. they aren't there... i see this is a hard situation, so if u dont want to u can stop putting your effort into it, i guess im just gonna play the newer versions then... i just thought its gonna be easy to make an older-version server anyways, i think the server wasnt "crashing", thats why there are no logs, i think it's just counted like it has stopped or smth
  3. im running my server from a seperate folder on my desktop
  4. where do i find those?
  5. i am not running any plugins. i deleted everything that has to do with matmos, reis minimap and invtweaks but still the same error.
  6. Can someone tell me if there is a place where I can download an older version of Tekkit Classic server (3.0.5 or any version that has crafting table III in it)? I can't seem to find it and really wanna play w/ my friend and with those crafting tables.