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  1. Kind of an old post, hopefully this server is still open. Anyways, here is my Application. ====================================== Name: Bill IGN: DJComputerguy Discord: Rick Sanchez#4768 Favorite Mods: Computercraft, Tinkers', Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, Flan's Mod Age: 17 What are you best at?: Working with a good portion of the mods, especially the ones listed above. I am not top builder, but i can design something quite nice if i am feeling it. Time Zone: PST (West coast USA) What can you bring to the server?: A well mannered respectable player that can help others with mod related stuff be it in game or client side if needed. I generally keep to myself most of the time, but i will be friendly as long as no act of aggression is expressed. =========================================