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  1. Hannyboy's Claysoldiers Server -About the modpack- ClaysoldiersServer is a server based modpack on the techniclauncher made by me. It currently contains the clay soldiers mod only - but there will be more soon! We ordered a new server and are in a kinda beta phase. If you really like the claysoldiers mod then this is definately something for you! You can find more informations on our Discord server! -About the Server- The server is a factions server with many features like the claysoldier arenas* and many plugins: - ChestCommands - Essentials - PermissionsEx - RandomTeleport - Multiverse(Core) - Factions - More will be added later We are looking for members, builders and some staff members. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules. The server is regulary online 24/7, but there could be downtimes or restarts due to server configuration! *Claysoldier arenas: The Claysoldier arenas are rather simple. (Arenas are not automatic, you need to ask staff if you want to start a battle against someone else!) You start with a nexus with soldiers in your base, its the preparing phase where you can buy upgrades for your claysoldiers. If you are done, you can pull a lever that will open your sides arena gate and teleport you to spectator area. The player that destroys the enemy's nexus wins the fight. You can earn ingame-money for the ingame shop by fighting other players, or during bigger fight events that will be announced on the server and the server. -Server rules- -Links + Server ip- Server ip: Modpack download: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/claysoldiersserver.991977 Discord: https://discord.gg/67s8gbV