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  1. IGN: thebreezename After having over 170 hours of playtime on this server, I have a much better understanding of staff, community, and general server quality. Starting with staff and rules for the server, I find that staff will help most of the time. People that are new and not familiar seem to have a general lower demeanor of respect and priority. Which I understand but people such as myself that do not talk alot on the server but is constantly on, is blatantly ignored when asking questions of needed help, or my friend, ingame name “Dicedrice” got no help whatsoever on his server review muck up. He received no rewards and had much wasted time trying to clear the situation. Server rules are fair and understanding in most cases but I urge you to read all the rules, because there are some that are unusual to say the least. The community is friendly in most cases but is unsavory in general demeanor. While rule breaking players and trolls are dealt with swiftly, people that manage to stay around are in a few short words; untrusting, sarcastic, and rambunctious. Heated discussions are seen frequently, and shut down by the various staff. I ask that you don’t state any personal feelings toward any particular subject as it will soon, lead to heated discussion. Server quality is on the whole, great. The lag while expected with a modpack, is very low and at most cases a minor nuisance. Restarts, clear lag, and constant vigilant staff ready to fix lag spikes are great for the quality of this server. Just make sure you aren’t causing the lag. Over all I rate this server 3 out of 5 stars.
  2. IGN: thebreezename I find this server to be very agreeable in terms of rules and is more than fair to it's visitors, new, or existing. The Admins are quick to respond and are more than willing to help. In Saying that it is a bit laggy just like most modpacks at times but for the most part is quickly resolved. While there is nothing note worthy negative about this server, I do find there is nothing note worthy special. In short, good staff, rules, and game play.