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  1. About a month ago, Mojang discontinued all of the legacy skin APIs. Until 1.2.5, Minecraft retrieved skins from an, however this database has not been updated since April 2014. Because of this, skins would no longer update in any version prior to 1.3, although they would still technically work if you had an older account. Versions 1.3 through 1.7.8 used instead, so a number of patches came out to make older Minecraft versions retrieve skins from Unfortunately, in February, Mojang discontinued all Skin APIs except the current one (, and deleted both of these older databases. This newer API is not really usable with older Minecraft versions, because it would require backporting the 1.7.x+ UUID system. To solve this problem, I have made a fix for Tekkit Classic which tells Minecraft to retrieve skins from an API called Minotar, which still uses usernames to designate players. You can download my fix here!