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  1. I did do the new link, its still vanilla.
  2. What is Platform Pagoda I took out one jar, but its still vanilla!
  3. Is this a bug? I don't know... feel free to move the forum. But I created a mudpack. I put it in drobox and I made it on the Technic Platform. When I search it on the technic launcher I install it, and click play. When Minecraft opens its just vanilla. It does not have a mods option, so its not running forge or something... I have a mods folder, I included modpack.jar, But I have done it a few times (a lot) and it still runs as vanilla. The Mod Pack is called Vanilla Revised and I just put a bunch of client mods in there for stuff. Here is the link to the dropbox: Can someone look at it for me please and tell me what is wrong? Thx.
  4. So I see some people have the same problem, but their answers don’t see to be that helpful to me, I downloaded a modpack, I played it for a little bit and closed it. I checked the mods on %appdata% and I swear I did not change anything, but when I tried to play it the loading bar was at the bottom like it was loading, and when it was full nothing happened and the play and delete pack buttons were still there. I don’t know how to fix it!