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  1. Okay ill contact him about it, it's non profit anyway and just for friends
  2. Now this is gonna sound kinda cringy lol but I named it "DBZ and other lame stuff" Haha but if you can tell me what's wrong I'd appreciate it
  3. im running a modpack and ive gotten everything to work but when i load it up through the launcher it starts up as vanilla?? ive looked into the files and modpack.jar is there but there is also just a plain " minecraft" .jar file and i dont know what to do, the version is 1.7.10 if that makes a difference
  4. okay its fixed but i can load up the game, but i cant load up single player https://pastebin.com/3Ajr1FZd
  5. so i have been working on this for days now, i have gotten this little by little figuring this out but when i load up technic it just says that it failed to start, i cant find any reason with it https://pastebin.com/NNdfJLJT