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  1. sliggybiggy

    Custom Modpack Server Issue

    So I made a modpack, and it works, however, I also made a server package, that doesn't work. I followed some tutorials on the internet and none of them fixed the issue. Here's my log
  2. sliggybiggy

    Need help with custom modpack! Is this better?
  3. sliggybiggy

    Need help with custom modpack!

    So I created a 1.7.10 kitchen sink pack. It is 60mb and worked when I was play testing it from my mc launcher with forge. Now that I compressed it into a modpack, when I download it from the technic launcher, it just starts 1.7.10 without any of the mods installed. I don't know what to do. Here's a link to the modpack page: Here's the download link: Please help!