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  1. Tekkify is now running a brand new, fresh server which launched yesterday. The OP has been updated to include all new information.
  2. Tekkify 1.7.10 is now live! New modpack, servers, website and more! Just update your modpacks on the Technic Launcher:
  3. We've just went through with a massive 1.6.4 update. Revamped the modpack, server, website, forums and store. OP updated.
  4. Nentify

    The Official Technic Wiki needs YOUR help!

    Are we allowed to add mod information for mods unrelated to the official Technic mod packs?
  5. The new map is now up, existing users should move their items up from the old world. Everything else should work as normal. Current Tekkify pack version: Current Tekkify MC version: 1.5.2
  6. hayden9966 - Apply on our forums at
  7. You can see a step-by-step guide to joining the server at
  8. We've had a lot of changes over the last few weeks, whether it's changes to the server or the website. You can view the main ones below. We now use our own custom modpack, here Fixed a variety of bugs and lag issues on the server Updated original post with new information Changed the website layout & design
  9. Nentify

    Votifier Listener
  10. Nentify

    Dupebug wiith RailCraft

    It's not as simple as the last one, but you can contact me via PM if need be.
  11. Nentify

    Dupebug wiith RailCraft

    There's a new duplication bug with tank carts, nevermind.
  12. Nentify

    Dupebug wiith RailCraft

    This is fixed in the latest version of RailCraft in Tekkit 3.1.3. New dupe bug found.