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  1. can you unban me on the technic discord please

  2. Hi I'm playing on a private server with my friends. On day I teleproted through the ground with my ninja dagger, then my hexxit crashed and everytime I want to join the server, my hexxit crashes :C. What should I do?

    1. Munaus


      Stop posting on staff's profiles and make a report on Bug Reports section.

  3. halp my teknik broke fix it pls

    OS : java 32 bit

    versio : 8.1

    pls help

  4. KakerMix, I would like to know if there is a technic launcher .jar download for windows? i downloaded the .exe file but It doesnt seem to work. i keep clicking on it and nothing pops up. please help!! thank you:)

    1. willybobsta


      I'm not kakermix (or am I!?!?) but Windows 7 can use the linux launcher which is a .jar.
  5. Read before Posting you nincompoop.

  6. I do not know if it is allowed to ask here.

    Dont worry it is not an bug report.

    Bug report page seems to miss pages for following modpacks:

    Hexxit,Tekkit and Big Dig

    Hope this helped.

  7. On our facebook and twitter yeah, but there are a lot of people after something like this so word can get around fairly quickly.
  8. Hey jakj sorry if I destroy your bandwidth. If you need any help with that let me know, we have a jenkins you can use if you'd like.
  9. May I ask why yogbox isnt being developed anymore because as of now its the only one that runs kinda well on my computer and it has lots faults lag spikes and animals not completely loading...ect jw

  10. Laberous.... Seems legit.

    1. KakerMix
    2. spartanyanni


      Don't worry, we'll all pretend you said something smart.
  11. About a month ago my Mc was stolen and id like to get my forum name changed to zaschwyn (my new mc name) if this isnt possible please tell me

  12. Kaker how much bigger can my eyes get?????

    1. KakerMix


      [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------] this big