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  1. I'd be game for a Factorio server.
  2. No snow where I am - there never is. It did drizzle for a while, and apparently there was flooding in some areas - that tells you how much weather we normally get.
  3. Exactly, it drives me postal! Congratulations on the new PC, Melfice. It looks like a solid build. Mooseman9, I'm eyeing an RX 480 - how is it?
  4. I'm eyeing the 480 myself as well - I'll probably get one for my new computer build. (I'm sort of holding out for AMD Zen on the CPU side - I could use the higher core count for compiling - but it looks like it might be a bit far off. I'll probably go for an AM4 APU to hold me over, then get a Zen chip once they turn up.) On the GPU side, I don't have a set budget, and between my two monitors I have a bit more than 1080p in pixels - with some perf penalty for AMD's Linux drivers, the 480 lineup looks about right. (Not that I can really game on both monitors, they're mismatched so it's rather awkward. I just play on the bigger one.) The Nvidia parts are pretty impressive, but AMD has excellent open-source drivers on Linux. With Nvidia you're married to the binary blob - should Nvidia not support your software stack, you're SOL.
  5. I'll second the suggestion for Hacker's Keyboard. I used it for a while, until I got sick of soft keyboards altogether. Now I use a laptop or desktop.
  6. Minetweaker automatically synchronizes tweaks on a server to the clients, so no.
  7. Put this in a ".zs" file in (server folder)/scripts.
  8. Hey Byte, do you think it would be fair to add UU-matter recipe for ender pearls to your server? There doesn't seem to be one built in. One idea I've seen floating around is 8 UUM along the edges of the crafting table making one pearl, do you think that's reasonable?
  9. The server seems to be using an outdated world - was it the backup for the last update perhaps?
  10. I got all stressed out just watching the video.
  11. I think I crashed the server by accident by putting netherrack into a grinder. Sorry! Forge has a config property to delete errored TileEntities that you might need to use.
  12. Looks like Tekkit 1.0.7 is now recommended, but it's not network compatible with 1.0.6 servers. Byte, could you please update your server?
  13. Modpack is Tekkit Legends, the new one.
  14. I can see why you'd want to remove Project E. I've already worked out an admittedly slow infinite EMC loop with just a crafting table, transmutation tablet, and tons of gold, and don't even get me started on blaze machines. Oh, and Project E assigns EMC values to crafted items and makes them transmutable, so a large chunk of auto-crafting is unnecessary.
  15. A Tekkit Legends server of our own? Count me in! I'd host one myself, but my computer and Internet aren't much good.
  16. "Tekkit sucks without Thermal Expansion" maybe? Anyhow, I'm glad to hear some news about Tekkit.
  18. At that resolution you should probably be fine with either, but if you plan to keep it for a while the 970 might be worth the investment. The AMD r9 290 costs somewhere between the two (closer to the 960 when it goes on sale), and has only slightly performance output than the 970, so it might be worth considering too.
  19. I brought the dead PSU in to a local computer junkyard, and they had a matching one. I guess it probably makes sense to wait to buy a computer, then - it seems like competition might be heating up in both CPU and GPU markets, and I'll hopefully have some income beyond gifts from family then. They did have some good deals, though - $25 IIRC for a reputable-brand 500W PSU, $15 for cases (which admittedly looked like they were from 2003) and working computers for under $200.
  20. I'm thinking of rebuilding my computer, since the PSU broke and the motherboard is 9 years old. I've mostly settled on these parts so far, and am considering either AMD or Intel CPU/MoBo/coolers. Any advice?
  21. Those logs are strange - illogical even. It's out of my power to fix that over the Internet. I'd try to help you out with the problem in person, but the logistics would be too hard.
  22. Those logs seem to be truncated - they don't show the root cause of the problem.
  23. Gee, thanks. I've started it and it's pretty fun.
  24. Could I please have one of the copies? I'm planetguy32 on Steam.
  25. The old KJ lost? Not entirely.