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  1. Whatever do you mean? Is the official mod API finally coming?
  2. I think he means that you only have one block to work with, as opposed to other carriage types, where you can attach a second or a third engine/motor/controller to any other carriage in the contraption. However, I don't really think it's a problem unless you design REALLY small stuff, and even then, a template carriage is more compact than any other one in almost every circumstance.
  3. There's a 1.6.4 version of Slimevoid's WR:
  4. Just a question. I've not been following the development of RiM for a good while now. Does it work with WRCBE? If yes, you do not even need a remote computer on the carriage structure. Just place 2 carriage engines (if you need 6 degrees of freedom), or 1 (if you need 5 or less DOF), and attach their sides to wireless receivers that receive remote signals from a stationary computer. Problem solved. The issue of computercraft's interaction with RiM is only an issue when there are no compatible wireless redstone mods, really.
  5. Any chunk loader should theoretically work just fine. But be aware of the issue that when it is moved, the chunk loading function disappears for the duration of the movement. Which means that the machine unloads from the world. To alleviate this problem, create a second, small carriage that only has a chunk loader on it, and move it and the main machine in turns. This ensures that your contraption is 100% chunk loaded at all times.
  6. You would probably do well on a certain imageboard. You are too frank for your average modmaker fan to handle, and too forceful for your average modmaker to ignore. Sorry if this is turning into a character analysis.
  7. Sadly, it seems like newly registered users cannot make topics in the Suggestions forum, so I'll probably have to post a comment in the OpenPeripherals section, which kinda sucks, as it's only tangentially related.
  8. You know, I am tempted to contact the CC forums and discuss the creation of a wireless peripherals addon for the computers. Being able to link a moving carriage controller to a stationary computer wirelessly would be of such great benefit to everyone.
  9. jakj, I have a question regarding chunk loader blocks. How do they behave in conjuction with the mod? I would assume that when such a block is moved, it is temporarily removed from the world, and stops functioning until reappearing in the next position. Would that cause the structure to unload and stop working? Because in that case, it'd be necessary to have 2 chunk loaders that move independently of each other.
  10. So that's almost every minecraft mod author out there.
  11. What does that refactoring involve? Is it something beyond a render rewrite? Do you know what we will expect from the new version, in terms of performance/flexibility? I assume you've already taken some sneak peaks at the 1.7 snapshot source code.
  12. You know, that's actually not a bad idea. I dunno how it would be implemented, but it'd be nice to have auto-buildable/auto-collapsible versions of every carriage. It could, for example, be done by a carriage controller (upgraded with, for example a chest and some ender pearls) that accepts input from a computer to build or collapse an adjacent AxB platform carriage, or an AxBxC structure carriage, or whatever. I know it sounds like laziness, but in your case, you had to deal with a structure carriage that involved placing and then removing at least 500-600 structure carriages. That's 9-10 stacks of blocks, goddamn.
  13. I particularly like the use of the word "betrothed". I didn't know you guys were getting engaged.
  14. That's amazing, man. Loving it. Though, next time, it might be a good idea to up the brightness a bit, it was too hard to see things underwater.