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  1. Updating to 1.2, when? what change? And, ETA on the server's modpack download?
  2. Rejected by several mods mismatch
  3. You mentioned about a ComputerCraft programming that would display Bulletin Board of different rules in splash animation? How do I go about prorgamming in Tekkit?

    1. VideoBoy


      What do you mean splash animation? I may have mentioned loading a text file and displaying it on monitors but not animated. It wouldn't be hard to code but it could create some extra lag. I don't really know though. Do you know Lua? Like I said it's just a matter of loading a file and printing it. XD
  4. You have ask me to send you a message. I would be more likely to talk more over Skype. My skype username is Bopkasen.

  5. Your server crash and won't recover without deleting and disabling triangulator which is part of the Wireless Chickenbone mod. I didn't know that it was going to crash the server but it did. You would need to disable and delete it to fix it.

    - Bopkasen