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  1. Map has been reset! Come join us for a fresh adventure!
  2. Hi, Please review here about recent claim block changes
  3. We have reset the map! Come join for a fresh adventure
  4. Thanks for the comments! Let me know if there are any questions
  5. Good job advertising your own server in this thread... devryb - dev (Current DeVco Operator) DeVco - Server of 13092 Loyal Members and Staff!!
  6. Ya keep an eye on this issue report: It's reason for the random lag spikes sometimes unfortunately.
  7. European Tekkit Legends server now open at Players may move their items from the North American server using our new relocation plugin as seen here:
  8. Updated to 1.0.10 In other news: We will be opening a second Tekkit Legends server in France soon to help out our Euro players.