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  1. Looks like a week probation this time. I am very tempted to make it forever at this point. Get your shit together.

    1. okamikk


      yes sir, cheap shot overlord sir.
  2. Did that strange guy who said "gay" in a pm to you say anything else?

    1. Backplague


      Message 1: How do you register Message 2: gay how to register Message 3: tell me how sorry registered I am not quite sure what he is asking of me, but i am quite sure he called me gay.
    2. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Yeah. I don't know quite how to punish him but I'll see what I can do. You may be able to block him.
  3. Dear Bogglebrine. A mod mistakenly banned you. I have restored your account. Sorry about that!

  4. I repealed a warning point applied to your account for "discussing piracy". Imo, you mentioned it so off hand and passively that who gives a shit honestly.

    1. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Don't push your luck though.
    2. Smurfkiller9000


      Okay I wont cheap, cheers :)
  5. I figured 3 warning points for necroing a thread was a little harsh so I let you off the hook.

    1. GreenWolf13


      Thanks Cheap Shot! You're the best!

  6. Admins do fully free aerobic stunts.

  7. it dont mean a thing if you aint got that swing