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  1. Wow, nice to see you're still going. You've improved so much!
  2. Posting threads looking for people to make videos with will clutter this section. Instead of making a thread just for that, use this thread to find people to work with. Once you've found someone and have started to work, feel free to make an in progress thread to post status updates or seek feedback. Do not create a new thread when your videos are complete however. Just update your progress thread. IN PROGRESS THREADS WITHOUT ANY CONTENT WILL BE DELETED For now good luck and let's play safe.
  3. Hey folks. I know you're all just chomping at the bit to post dozens of threads that aren't actually bugs but rather user errors you need help figuring out. Well now you have a place to do so! Also real bugs too please. Thank you!
  4. Twitter for sure. There's a twitter feed at the bottom of the main page of our site.
  5. Not too far off I believe but no solid dates ever. It'll be out when we're done local testing and packaging.
  6. Yes of course. Aldo don't sign your posts. Please read the forums rules before posting.
  7. Looks like a week probation this time. I am very tempted to make it forever at this point. Get your shit together.

    1. okamikk


      yes sir, cheap shot overlord sir.
  8. READ THE STICKIES! There are threads stickied at the top of each section and they contain important information. If it's clear you haven't read them then you might be probated depending on the whim of the moderators. Don't take the risk, read stickied threads! MINOR INFRACTIONS - These things can get you probated if you push it MAJOR INFRACTIONS - These things will get you banned RULES FOR POSTING PICTURES- Verbal warning to ban depending If you see someone breaking these rules, report them using the report function. Reporting mods and admins isn't advised. The moderation staff has the final say in matters of rule violation. We run these forums out of our pockets and the goodness of our hearts. Show some respect for the forums and follow the rules if you wish to post on them. If you can't do that, then you don't deserve to use them. This thread will be updated when new rules are added. If you see that a new post has been made here, read it ASAP. Ignorance of rules is not immunity to rules. THE LAW Golden Rule: Ask yourself, "Is my post or reply actually interesting, funny, or contributing to the discussion at hand?" - if not, don't post. No chat or chan speak - LOL THAT'S FAIL! OMG LIEK CAN I HAS MUDKIPS ROFLLLL +1 DIAMOND WIN 4 U LULZ - No. No Signing Posts - Your username is already there, it's redundant. Plus it makes you look like a loser. (You might be a loser!) It's also an easy way to tell that you haven't read these rules. No duplicate or redundant threads - first check to make sure the same or similar thread does not already exist. This includes stickied information. Duplicate threads will be deleted. No low effort posts - "Hello I'm new here!" "FIRST POST!" "THREAD IS WIN!" "HELP ME FIND UH SERVER" All examples of why you should have been thrown back. No asking for ETA's - We are tired of these questions. Updates depend on lots of different things and they happen when they happen. No Memes - If the only response you can think of for something is an overused terrible image with text on it, or a beaten to death catchphrase you should have a sit down and question your direction in life. "Who am I?" "Do I even have my own personality?" "When did I replace my wit and social interaction skills with a series of shitty .jpg's?" A few examples of things you might consider pondering. No PMing Admins or Mods with bug reports. - You will not get special private help. We don't have time for that. No backseat modding - Helpful tips and a link to stickied thread is A-OK, talking like you have some kind of power isn't. Lose the smug and leave the moderation to the moderators. Do not triple post, and avoid double posting - You have an edit button. USE IT. Do not BUMP threads - This is worthless and annoying and counts as a low effort post. No discussing illegal activities - The internet is a big place. Take it somewhere we aren't responsible for. This includes piracy talk. Yarr! No Racial slurs or sexism - Yeah yeah, shock value humor. We get it. Get bent. No spamming - Posting multiple similar threads, posting the same thing multiple times, or posting junk threads. No advertising or soliciting - You need moderator permission to advertise any offsite program or service. Current exceptions include Links to Let's Plays with ads. No pay-to-play servers - If you are still interested, message an admin, however by default we don't allow those types of servers. No unverified download links - DO NOT post links to Technic Launchers or Tekkit Servers or any other download without clearing it through an admin first. Its a security risk, don't do it. No misusing the report feature - Reporting a post means it must break the rules in some way. Using it to ask for help or favors will is naughty naughty! No ban evasion - We will find out. If you can't wait for a probation to run out, you're better off unplugging your computer. No mod sass - We really don't care if you think you're right. We are in charge for a reason. No Impersonating Mods/Admins - This includes adding fake mod edits to your posts. Don't be a dickbag - (A bag of dicks) No links - This board is an free zone. This is a catch all and includes adcraft or anything else that gives someone money for clicking a link. You will be banned for posting any links like that. No image leeching - If you have a picture you want to share such as a minecraft screenshot or comic, do not link it from an outside website. Use an image host to rehost it. Websites like let you paste in the link to the image and it rehosts it for you. No visible adult images - If it's NSFW (not safe for work) then either just post a link with NSFW or before it, or don't post it. No posting memes - Everyone has seen them 100 times. Be original. You should be starting the next great joke here that gets beaten into the ground until everyone is sick of it. Like that one with the dog wearing the guys shoes? I love that one. They don't even fit!
  9. I will be personally cracking down on backseat modding. Let me copy paste my statement from a particularly bad thread here: How about everyone stop frothing at the mouth and scrambling over each other to keep being redundant? We have this thing called the "report" button, and I'm tired of seeing pages and pages of people ignoring it to play undeputized sheriff in every goddamn thread. Unless you are the king of fucking comedy I will be handing out warnings next time I see this kind of idiotic pointless posting. (protip: You probably aren't the king of comedy)
  10. You may have noticed that some of the games in here have little tags next to the thread titles, like guildwars and planetside. If you like a game enough, go ahead and make it a tag and post it here. If it's not complete garbage we'll maybe use it! This can go for general tags as well. like "FPS" or "Sandbox" etc etc. Here is a sample you can save to draw over: Tags can be animated if the filesize is small.
  11. okamikk should be banned for having that avatar for like 95% of his posting career here. Also for not living up to the inspirational role model assigned to his usergroup, Helen Keller. Ninjad! theprolo should be banned because he is supposedly an owl but here is is posting in the day! Get your story straight owl!
  12. Help us out by making tags for the forums. You may have noticed that all the threads on the forums have little tags next to the thread titles, like NEWS or FIX or GUIDE. We need many more of these to help flesh out the new "sort by thread tag" feature on the forums. Please don't be shy. Make some tags! Here is a sample you can save to draw over: Tags can be animated if the filesize is small. If you tag is useful we will add it to the forums and it will show up in the list at the top of each section. Doesn't that sound sexy?
  13. Nope none. That's why it's open to the public. I can make dozens of tags but I don't know what people actually need. I would just be making more bullshit silly ones. I'm after ones that are actually useful and will help the filter by tag feature work. Right now people mostly use the default per section. I guess an example could be a mac and windows tag for the bug report sections. That way people can filter bugs by the OS they're familiar with.
  15. Did that strange guy who said "gay" in a pm to you say anything else?

    1. Backplague


      Message 1: How do you register Message 2: gay how to register Message 3: tell me how sorry registered I am not quite sure what he is asking of me, but i am quite sure he called me gay.
    2. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Yeah. I don't know quite how to punish him but I'll see what I can do. You may be able to block him.
  16. Why on earth are you asking for FTB help here? An inappropriate a place as possible.
  17. Oh man that's amazing.
  18. I'm not taking care of the kid. I'm a deadbeat dad.
  19. Dear Bogglebrine. A mod mistakenly banned you. I have restored your account. Sorry about that!

  20. Stickying this at the suggestion of on of my moderators. PM me if I've made a mistake and everything is horrible oh god.