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  1. Hey! I was just wondering is the Technic SSP classic 1.2.5 ever coming out? I know we have Tekkit classic but Technic was the singleplayer version and i loved it! I really wish it was back so i could play it! Please answer if it is ever coming back even if it is a no.
  2. Name: Zombieeface Age:16 Why i want to join: when tekkit was in 1.2.5 mc version i loved it and played with my friends but now none can play :c soooo i would like to join a server without plugins because i dont like plugins and also that dont let people grief
  3. i am looking too i have a minecraft forum theread:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1465077-small-tekkit-server-needs-hamachi-with-forestry/