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  1. This makes for a very nice read

  2. Use notepad++ and open all of the plugins/Essentials/userdata/ files eg. mine would be "nixsy.yml" with all of your userdata files open in notepad++ go to 'search' then 'replace'. In the search box look for '0' Make sure to include the ' and replace with Overworld Notepad++ has a feature to "Replace all in all opened documents" use this. close and save each userdata file (this may take a while if you have quite a few) This should fix /home for players. Do the same for plugins/Essentials/warps/ This worked for me.
  3. You can block ITnT and nukes in the IC2.cfg file.
  4. Do /gamerule mobGriefing false it will stop endermen creepers ect destroying blocks.
  5. latest tekkitlite fml mcp 7.25 pex this one bukkitforge 1.4.7-63 But regardless as I said ^^ up there I had jumped the gun. What I thought was working turned out to be a 'non' so working install.
  6. I had tested it with current build of tekkitlite.. But may of jumped the gun.
  7. There is a link posted by keepcalm here,,3254.75.html look to the last post on page 4.
  8. There is a working version of PermissionsEx Tested and appears to be working
  9. [edit] Correction. This one is also no good. This plugin appears to be able to lock chests and doors. As I have been unable to get lwc or lockette working.
  10. It would seem that the original link is down. Does anyone know if there is another link for this? [edit] Link is back up now thanks guys
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    I found this and thought it might cheer you up after this post

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    Plugin Recommendation Station

    Plugin Name: DynaMark v0.2.0.0 BukkitDev Link: Description: A simple dynamically prices virtual market Tekkit Compatibility: I found using the alternative command download gave me no errors. Although the plugin does not buy/sell all items (mod blocks) it works well.