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  1. long time... welcome back! :)

    1. Jay?


      Don't get too excited, I may tackle a report here or there, but my time is pretty well consumed on other projects :/
  2. Hey I whenever I try to play a Voltz server i get this error "java.net.SocketException: Adress family not supported by protocol family: connect" Do you know any solutions to this error?

  3. Did you miss my somewhat-annoying and somewhat-funny posts? I know I missed you most-of-the-time-above sarcastic tone of replying.

  4. Rados

    Hey, I'm Rados, I'm a developer for the mod Pixelmon, and I'd like to ask you to remove a modpack from the technic platform, the pack includes our mod, and its against our terms to distribute the mod outside our page, we never gave him permission either, here's the link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/pixelmon-pack.4890

    1. Jay?


      It's our policy not to police the modpacks content here, since the number of modpacks in existence, paired with the number of mods to check, per pack is outlandish. If you want something done about it, you should contact the service hosting the pack.
  5. Hello, I have been playing voltz for a few weeks now and I play on this server. All of a sudden it crashed and I had to restart my laptop, when I try to log in it just goes to a screen and says:

    Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation. You have mod sources that are duplicate within your system

    Mod ID: File Name

    Mekanism : Mekanism-v5.2.0..jar

    Mekanism : Mekanism..jar

    1. Jay?


      Are you lost?
    2. Alexminercraft


      Yeah, Im not really sure what to do
    3. Jay?


      I'd suggest starting your quest by reading the titles of all of the boards.
  6. Really? When did that change? I know that it used to just drill down to the bottom of the pond, leaving a minecraft-goo hole.
  7. The buildcraft and IC2 pumps act more like drills, for digging through the goop that minecraft calls liquid. The non regenerative properties of lava mean that they need to be periodically moved, as they hit the bottom of whatever shallow pond they're working over. The RP2 pump had a ridiculously large range, and targeted a sourceblock for harvesting. It just felt more like a pump, due to the ability to actually drain things with it.
  8. The only other thing i miss from redpower is the pump that actually functioned as a pump. It's become a necessity for long term nether-lava farming.
  9. For some reason why account isn't working? Can you please help me? Maybe reset it for me? Thanks- my name is book1326 and make it 1.5.2

  10. hey, question about my tekkit not working... my technic launcher only goes to where it has the words in front (before it gets to the actual launcher) and just stays there... what do i do?? D:

    1. Jay?


      You file your bug in a bug report on the bug board, which is the board where bugs are filed in bug reports.
    2. Edwardo


      and wheres that?
    3. Jay?


      On the main page of the forums, click on the board labeled "[modpack] bugs"
  11. agony

    Are all of the planets available in the new tekkit pack? So far I'm only seeing earth and the moon.

  12. Quick querstion, feel free to answer in disgustion... Your profile says your a female, but your personality does not, what gender are you?

    1. Jay?


      I'm a girl. There's never really been any secret about it, either. Sure, I'm butch, but gender isn't as simple as people like to pretend it is.
    2. Richs_Yard


      Mmk. I was just woundering. Have a nice day.
    3. Xylord


      I always found Jay very girly. *shrug*
  13. Hi i am new to Technic Platform. I have downloaded Technic Launcher and i have signed up but when i go to log in it says invalid username/password combination. Please Help!!!!!!

    1. Munaus


      Hi i am old to Technic Forum. You need to check with minecraft.net if your username/password are correct.
  14. Here kitty kitty kitty..

  15. i need help im on a server trying to play dwarves vs zombies and i tried to go through an ingame portal and it said java.net.connectionexception how do i stop that