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  1. PLEASE NOTE: This pack is designed for one specific server which is why we provide no server files. Please do not attempt to replicate our server. Thank you. MODPACK LINK - API (copy and paste this into technic launcher); Having Issues? Please look here: Our Official Discord Climb aboard the modpack that throws you back to the days of the ol' west. We aim to provide an authentic yet fun experience to satisfy the desires of any western loving person. Old Screenshots Here you will find custom content, including new guns and artwork, a item based economy with a separate land deed system for towns. This server is full PvP so gang together to survive bandits or become bandits yourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Community We take a very relaxed stance with players and generally allow most things as long as they are not derogatory to any player or the server (i.e. Racism, Abuse, Hacks, Exploits) so feel free to make yourself at home without fear. Our community has been around for over 3 years now and we have accomplished a lot in that time and we hope to continue with our accomplishments. We really do hope you enjoy your stay with us, no matter what the length. For more info about us, please check our site Standard community rules: 1. No Hacking. 2. No exploitation of bugs or glitches. 3. No racism, religious speech or other idealism. 4. Dont harass other players and community members. 5. No spamming, advertising or excessive swearing/CAPS. 6. Respect the staff - They are here for you. 7. Do not abuse staff members, we are here to help and we try hard to keep a low ban rate. 8. Have fun! Wild West Frontier specific rules: 9. Dont use /sethome or /back in others claimed territory or to reengage in PVP. 10. Please try to make your town a town, we dont like seeing underground bases. 11. Have your town be "raid"able. Have entrances(doors/gates/ect) to your town/houses. Just so people have a "chance" of getting a jump on you, or you forgetting to close it. 12. Dont make any lagmachines/ pointless contraptions. 13. Destroying/blocking roads (or near 3 blocks of one) are not allowed, and is harshly punished. And remember: An Admins word is final!
  2. Our halloween event is still on until Friday, come get your limit edition deco and armour!
  3. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.21a - Added some text and a link to the menu showing people how to change their RAM allocation since people seem to have it set at 1GB.
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates, the server is alive and well and seems to have had a boost of players recently!
  5. Our wild west website is now back up and running - sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.21 - Updated the curse version to try draw in more players. - Updated server-side software Updated the following mods; - Antique Atlas - Weather Mod - Fastcraft - Coroutil - Traincraft - Decocraft - CustomNPCs - CoFHCore - Bibliocraft
  7. I will try to update curse some point soon so that we can get more players on. Unfortunately its not as simple as technic....
  8. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.20 - Added skin port ( Your skins will work again, hurrah! ). - Added Flaxbeard's Steam mod (weaponry is disabled). - Added Malisis doors (modern doors disabled). - Added the models for the beards that I forgot.
  9. Woops, looks like one of our admins messed up the friendly NPC faction so people could be murdered by the intro NPC. Sorry about that! It's now fixed....
  10. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.19a -Disabled the better foilage mod by default to help free up some RAM for new players. If you want to re-enabled it, go to your modpack directory (you can open it from modpack options on the launcher) and rename BetterFoliage-MC1.7.10-2.0.14.jar.disabled tp BetterFoliage-MC1.7.10-2.0.14.jar
  11. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.19 - Sharps rifle damaged massively increased (35 hearts instead of 10). - Sharps rifle ammo more expensive to make. - Added blunderbuss with ammo and parts. - Added models for remmington 1858 and lemat revolver. Changed their ammo types to 36 cal ball. - Added armour for future usage. - Added some cosmetics. - Added dynamite sticks and dynamtie packs. - Added molotovs. Also server-side changes: - Voting now gives you 20 land deeds instead of 100. - Donators will receive 50 deeds per vote.
  12. We have created a page on our website to list common issues with the pack, please take a look if you are struggling to play :
  13. ZakDank

    tekkit won't run

    You need to update your device drivers. Failing that, you need a dedicated graphics card as you are probably using an unsupported graphics chip on windows 10.
  14. For those who don't know ( which is my fault really for not updating the threads ) we have been back now for a while and we are booming. We have added quests, more shops, more mods and much more. Make sure to check us out again!
  15. Updated to 3.14 - Fixed an issue causing server to crash regularly - Updated Immersive Engineering - Re-add Journeymap
  16. pjdog10mom is making a series about the server. Check it out here;
  17. Great to see some new cowboys and girls, hoping to see some more! Get online now and claim your place in the west!
  18. Okay guys I am now back from the states so I will work on getting some new stuff out!
  19. Update 3.13 is out, adding immersive engineering, jabba and traincraft as well as many other little fixes!
  20. Apologies for the lack of updates everyone, there will be one coming soon enough!