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  1. Hi im new here and i love the show ed edd and eddy on cartoon network when i was a kid so i give that an A

  2. Hey! Just a heads up: If you post a bug report in Technic Launcher Bugs, I look at that bug report, and I see [ForgeModLoader] ANYWHERE, you're getting banned on the same rules as above because YOU DIDN'T READ.
  3. A is for Helping a friend in need. B is for Lifting Eddy and Double D. C is for Grapefruit, which I don't like one bit, except with grapfruit, relish, and a sprig of...

  4. I support the Ed, Ed & Eddy avatar/signature.

  5. can you help me plz? i know this makes me look bad but i tried downloading the server 3.1.3 part and i keep getting a 7.zip file how do i make a server so me and my friends can play on the yogbox?

  6. In accordance with the rule I set up over on the Launcher bug board, if you post a bug that is not modpack-related, you'll get a 3 day ban. Repeat offenses will result in a week long ban, and then a permaban. How do you tell if a bug is modpack-related? Torezu explained it nicely: If you get past the Launcher and end up at either the Mojang screen or "Minecraft has crashed!", it's a modpack bug.
  7. Seriously, you people just can't stop doing it. From now on, if I catch you posting a modpack bug in this section, it's a 3 day ban. No questions. Doing the same thing after you get banned will get you banned again for a week. After that, you're perma-banned. Wanna know what constitutes a modpack bug? Torezu explained it concisely in the last warning topic I made:
  8. need some help theres a problem with the launcher that literaly crashed my computer :(

  9. Hey can you help me with something?

  10. Delete, delete, DELEEETE!

  11. Hi. You all might be wondering what happened to every server in here. “Some of them were good'”, you scream at me in extreme anger. “WHY DID YOU NUKE THEM ALL?!” The answer is that the signal to noise ratio in here is absolutely terrible. Some server posts were good, most were terrible low-effort shit that should've been put in the shredder immediately. So in an effort to prevent that from happening again, here are the new Hack/Mine Servers forum rules for posting servers! The general rule for posting servers here is: put effort into it. For Hack/Mine, this is a bit more difficult to show due to the constantly-changing state of H/M worlds. So, for this section, pictures are not required, but if you can provide them, that'd be great. What you DO need now, however, is something to show you put effort into your post. What you do to show that is up to you, but here's a suggestion list: PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING: This should be a requirement anyway, but this is a nice way to show that you put effort into typing these letters onto your computer box's screen. A LOGO AND IMAGES FOR DIFFERENT SECTIONS THAT DON'T LOOK LIKE MS PAINT: Throw something nice-looking together in Paint.NET or Photoshop or whatever your image editing software of choice is. Remember: nice-looking. DESCRIBE EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT YOUR SERVER: This boils down to “have some beefy content in your post but don't just put in some bullshit intended to make the post look long”. Essentially: if your post is shitty in any way that includes violating the points above and/or in general, your post will be deleted and you will be banned for a day.
  12. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u3-download-1501626.html Accept the license agreement, then download whatever installer corresponds to your OS. Make sure if you're on a 64-bit system that you download 64-bit Java. No, it doesn't matter that it's the JDK; it still has the JRE in it.