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  1. What is plug'd? Plug'd is a platform that allows Staff/Players from different servers to collaborate. It is a place for Server Owners to share there servers, collaborate with other servers and share there experience. For players too be able to choose the servers they want to join and share there creations with a wider community. What Plug'd isn't (For server owners) Plug'd has the philosophy that if you choose to simply advertise your server and then leave you aren't welcome here. In fact if you do so you may be banned. Instead we ask that in return you help other owners and players who may be less experienced and need some help. We don't demand this and if your not able to help out for a given reason then that is fine but joining for 5 minutes to advertise your server and then leaving is not acceptable. :). Link: When joining the discord please make sure to read the rules before posting anything. They are there for a reason.
  2. So over the past 3 months a lot has happened... The server now has: - A massive server market - A whole array of new towns. - Partnerships with Hive365 (the lead gaming radio station in the UK) - An opportunity to form a 2nd 1.10.2/1.11 server We have also updated our gallery with a few new pictures to highlight some of these efforts.
  3. Servers officially been open for about 3 weeks and we already have some pretty cool creations. If you want to check out any more pictures in the future please feel free to check out our gallery :). p.s. We have also now installed Fastcraft to the modpack which has significantly aided in reducing lag for our players.
  4. The 2 mods suggested and accepted by our community are AE2 and Extrautilities, p.s. I would have just edited the thread but yet again upon re-editing and completing the captcha 3 times it still wouldn't update. I'll try again tomorrow :P. EDIT: Fixed.
  5. The server is currently running a unique 'Mod suggestion scheme' that many people may be interested in. Basically, you can suggest as many mods as you want to our modpack through the site and we will consider all the mods suggested that week and put them in a poll. The 2 mods with the most votes will (if possible) be added to the modpack. (Note that any mods that add world generation to the overworld, nether or end cannot be added or must have the world generation disabled to find other options).
  6. I might be wrong but the link to the dropbox file seems a bit weird. Are you sure you copied the 'direct' link and edited it? works for me and mine looks more like this:[link].zip?dl=1 Also make sure your modpack zip file is actually named ''. (You probably already know this). EDIT: Just realised how long ago you posted this... xD.
  7. Important announcement After careful consideration, we have decided to remove the whitelist. This means that any player can now join the server if they have the 'Singularity' modpack installed. p.s. I have tried editing the thread to show that the server is no longer whitelisted but it doesn't seem to be working. This will hopefully be fixed soon. FIXED!
  8. Feel free to come and have a chat. Discord: Unity Universe is a new 24/7 server hosted on the custom modpack 'Singularity' which is a pack entirely centered around suggested mods from our own players. We have a great community of players, alongside very experienced staff members from both EU & US timezones. The server dosen't have any worldborders, offers protection through Mytown 2 (similar to Towny), has it's own modded economy (universal coins) and market. Server i.p: (Alternative i.p: Technic launcher link: Gallery: The modpack Singularity is our attempt at making the best modpack we could for every player who joined the server without making the modpack too large. The majority of the mods are suggestions from staff/players on the server as we didn't want just one persons input. We are always open to mod suggestions/tweaks and with more than 3 years experience we hope we can carry on making modpacks for newer versions of MC in the future. History Although Unity Universe is new, the server was formed from the original owners of 'Prot3ch' which was originally founded in the era of Tekkit Classic. The Prot3ch server has gone through many different incarnations (some good, some bad) but ultimately we've lingered like a bad egg =3. All our past servers + photos: NOTABLE PLUGINS GroupManager Autorank AutoSaveWorld GAlistener Essentials Vault Votifier Worldedit RULES 1. Do not grief in any way. 2. Do not engage in PvP unless you have consent (permission) from another player. 3. Do not in any way attempt to offend other people. 4. You are not allowed to advertise 5. Do not use any form of hack or exploit! 6. Moderate, non-constant swearing is allowed (You can be muted if you use it excessively) 7. You must protect your land using the MyTown mod for land claims. (more info should be provided on signs in the spawn area). MOD LIST Applied energistics 2 Agricraft Archimedes ships Big reactors Biomes 'o' plenty Bluepower Botania Buildcraft Carpenters blocks Chisel 2 Computronics Draconic Evolution EnderIO Enderstorage Extrautilities Forestry FTBUtilities Journeymap Gendustry Hive365 radio mod Immersive Engineering Iron chests Logistics pipes Magic bees Mekanism Morph Moving world NotEnoughKeybinds NoMoreRecipeConflicts Natura Open blocks Open computers Open Glasses Pneumaticcraft Railcraft Rotarycraft Stevescarts 2 StorageDrawers Tinkers Construct Thaumcraft Thaumic tinkerer Thermal expansion Tinkers Mechworks Traincraft Universal coins Wireless redstone
  9. Wow... Ron I literaly just said the same thing pretty much. I suppose you went in to a little more detail.
  10. Personally, from my experience the only GOOD way to host a file is via ftp. This requires a little knowledge but just go for a free webhost e.g. 000webhost and setup an ftp account, upload the files you need, go to the website address and just copy the links. - However, I would recommend bitbucket. Just upload each new .zip file with a commit (changelog) and copy the links, you can make free private repository's with bitbucket and it much exceeds the github file limit.
  11. Yes you can, when you go into the mediafire download right click the download button and click, copy link address. Works perfectly fine.
  12. Acctually, funny thing is, bitbucket works great. I reccomend sourcetree, a github client or just your normal github client, if you know how to use github it works really quite well, you can update and change quite easily.