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  1. profjb

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    I might be wrong but the link to the dropbox file seems a bit weird. Are you sure you copied the 'direct' link and edited it? works for me and mine looks more like this:[link].zip?dl=1 Also make sure your modpack zip file is actually named ''. (You probably already know this). EDIT: Just realised how long ago you posted this... xD.
  2. profjb

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    Wow... Ron I literaly just said the same thing pretty much. I suppose you went in to a little more detail.
  3. profjb

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    Personally, from my experience the only GOOD way to host a file is via ftp. This requires a little knowledge but just go for a free webhost e.g. 000webhost and setup an ftp account, upload the files you need, go to the website address and just copy the links. - However, I would recommend bitbucket. Just upload each new .zip file with a commit (changelog) and copy the links, you can make free private repository's with bitbucket and it much exceeds the github file limit.
  4. profjb

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    Yes you can, when you go into the mediafire download right click the download button and click, copy link address. Works perfectly fine.
  5. profjb

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    Acctually, funny thing is, bitbucket works great. I reccomend sourcetree, a github client or just your normal github client, if you know how to use github it works really quite well, you can update and change quite easily.
  6. I would very much like to join your server, as it was recommended by my friend Luke. However, I do not know how to apply, and I was wondering if you could whitelist me at the next convenient moment. My username is Hadalus, if you choose to whitelist me.

    Best regards,


    1. profjb


      Had we have moved to here
  7. Yes I have a permission plugin: and click on raw.
  8. Please can u visit my application to be whitelisted i am desperate to join this server! BTW i am interested to donate for a staff rank. thx! xx

    BTW i always put xx on de end of my messages! xx

  9. Ok. Maybe my minecraft updated later

  10. You said I was accepted but I am not white listed on the server. Can you whitelist me?

    Captainsparkeiy :)

    1. profjb


      Nope whitelisted, ur wrong here.
    2. profjb


      In fact your whitelisted twice! Your certainly added captain.
  11. Don't mean to pry, but could you whitelist? My application is on the forum page.

  12. wonder if blue potato's are tasty...... we shall see.

  13. KitPlugin, I can't figure out how to make it so Members and Vets can use it. I have no idea what to do with the perms, they're getting "denied" messages. So can you do it?

  14. im sorry sometimes my laptop caps gets stuck