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  1. Great server staff always on and willing to help. The server is constantly online so i can play whenever i want to. Somethings the server has that make it stand out from other servers are its plugins which are constantly maintained, events and their player base of 1000+ amazing community 10/10.
  2. When the server says 24/7 it means 24/7 no down time whatsoever and the staff are friendly kind and willing to help whenever help is needed. Custom plugins are kept updated as to ensure the players new and exciting features to play with. One of the best servers i have been on and i want to see the sever thrive!
  3. If i were to suggest a server this server would be my number one suggested. The staff are amazingly friendly and the server runs so smoothly with no lag at all. I am surprised at how the server has a 100% up time most servers are only up for 85% I can just hop on whenever and play with the community. 10/10 best modpack server everr.