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  1. Sun Wukong from Journey to the west. (The TV-series)
  2. "That's bright as in glowy, not smart."
  3. Wow, that really looks awesome. They took the one element from the first game that everyone liked and really ran with it! What will SoW3 be? Mount&Blade Tolkien edition?
  4. Videogamedunkey made a video that I think summarizes this year's E3 for me pretty well: "The first Shadow of Mordor was unanimously crowned the fun version of Assassin's creed, but where was the funny Shrek character?" I played the first one and it was pretty fun, and it looks like they've tried to improve on it quite a bit. Orc bros. Yes please. Then there's Nintendo doing Nintendo things. I don't even know what they're on about but I'm sure it will at least be interesting
  5. Oh nice, haven't ever experienced VR myself but devs seem to adapting to the new technology quite fast. (from what I can tell from N^3's videos anyways :P). I assume you have the space for it? I've a feeling that if I tried to set one up I would smash something within an hour...
  6. Assigning a VP and resigning is the de-facto way for a US president to hand over the presidency. Disclaimer: like 50% of my knowledge about how the US government works is from House of Cards Also, does anyone know how to permanently change the colour for writing here? Writing grey on white is annoying as hell.
  7. I was gonna put myself there, but that sounds like a lot of work. Also, I don't think the US president can choose a VP that isn't US-born. I mean, I guess you could get a pretty good wage but I just don't think it would be worth it. Less time spent polishing the turd that is US politics is more time you can spend drinking nikka whiskey on your hobbies.
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/donald-trump-was-not-briefed-9766516 " The President is reportedly fuming because he wasn’t told the piece of paper he signed would put Steve Bannon on the crucial committee. " I should sneak a paper onto his desk stating that he appoints Bernie as VP and resigns, as he apparently can't be held responsible for his own orders...
  9. http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations Great for a quick lesson in statistics when someone starts posting graphs on facebook and claiming causation
  10. Land, trucks to carry away material, dumping costs, wages etc.
  11. https://holidayhole.com/ I don't have any interest whatsoever in playing their game, but Cards Against Humanity are certainly doing their part to make the world a weirder place. You really can crowdfund anything!
  12. SOINI 2018! YKSI MIELI YKSI KIELI! ULKOMALAISET POIS! ISO-SUOMI UUDESTAAAAAAAAAAAN! Seriously though, hopefully not Finland. It seems to apply all over the world, sadly enough.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ooeaHyoiLE Pretty funny that the Canadian immigration site got overwhelmed today. 2016 continues to be, well, interesting. GG US, let's see how this plays out.
  14. What type of math are ghosts best at?
  15. Since our domestic production of whales has fallen drastically, I've taken it upon myself to start some minor experimental imports to stabilize the dumbass sector of our economy. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751&page=1 Or, ya know, I found a dumb thing and wanted to share it
  16. I'd say it's fair, I price-searched the parts on the swedish site prisjakt.se and came up with a grand total of 27179 swedish crowns which is about 2844€. EDIT: Darn, I double posted. Well, it was fun knowing you all.
  17. Yeah, he'd probably be fine for the next century at 180p, but most games don't support that resolution
  18. So like 600-1200€? More? What exactly are you building here? Kinda curious since I plan on building a rig myself soon.
  19. New engine? TES VI? NEW VEGAS 2????? Yeah no, this is just plain too good to be true. (Not that that has ever stopped me from getting hyped... :P)
  20. Aaaaand No Man's Sky turned out to suck. I fully expected this but I'm still disappointed
  21. So, Pokemon GO just launched in Europe. I wasn't really interested, until I saw that my towns water tower is a gym. I obviously need to be in control of said gym, so here we go min-maxing! (I really have no idea how it works, but apparently casual cannibalism is the way to victory). Oh, and Turkey had a kind-of-not-really coup and their leader now wants to go on a killing spree whilst blaming the west and being cheered on by Putin. Fun times.
  22. No, I'm just shit at budgeting and somehow came ahead this year. Can't have that now, can we? That's actually a really good point. Though now that I've seen that I might be able to afford the "best" it's kinda hard to let go of that mad dream
  23. Yeah, gyms and centers have been placed in a lot of shady places, unfortunately. I wonder what the process for choosing places is. Oh btw, does this seem like a good build to you guys?
  24. Well sure, but why limit it to when you're going to sleep? You might be dying every nanosecond for all you know. (...do you listen to the Hello Internet/watch CGPgrey or do you just have good timing?)
  25. What kind of attitude is that? I only slept an hour this night because my sleep schedule was rather crap after midsummer but work was still a thing, and I feel fine!