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  1. that would make sence since i was looking for servers around the time it happend and i did kinda kick my keyboard when i went to get up. so that may of been the problem how ever sense you guys can not tell sadly and that story may probably bogus I am sorry if that is what happend. i hope maybe if i wasn't banned for intentionally breaking the rules such as my keyboard entering keys when kicked that maybe my ban from the discord may not be permanent and will be removed from the ban list after some months. I have had a account on the technic forums since Oct 2012 it is unlikely you will find any logs of me breaking rules on the forums them self's. and it is most likely you may not find any bans for me on any minecraft servers. how ever i know there probably are or 2 or 3 in the 13 years i have been playing minecraft. i am sorry for reposting on this subject bochen415 but i am being honest that i did not knowingly intentionally try to break the rules on the discord server. i hope you guys could talk it over or some thing and maybe just have me banned for a month or so. or even a year heck id bet that youd never see actual trouble from me and if you did ip ban me from the forums. i am not some who go's looking for trouble i know #noappeals at least consider not banning me for ever from the discord server
  2. I'm not asking to be unbanned i'm just asking for you to listen ok so bochen415 you sent me a screen shot of me banned on discord. but i have no clue why i was banned in the first place. I'm not dumb or stupid. i am normaly one who follows rules to the t. but it would be nice if some one could show me the reason i was banned becuz i have no clue at all. the only thing i was doing the night that the discord group vanished from my discord aka "banned" was listening to music in the music channel a few times and i may of said a few things in general chat. please don't ignore this becuz i am being Sirius and i am 23 i am really cool guy i don't go around breaking rules why would i do that. i like minecraft to much. i was on the technic discord to find a server to play becuz i wanted to get back into minecraft i was in the scream den 2 days ago talking to some dude about his problem with his modpack he couldn't get it to work. i told him i havent played minecraft in a few years if you would like to talk to me in a discord chat or call id be willing to i am cool guy i do not try to break rules intentionally yes sending this message is probly a stupid idea if i wanted to get a ban form the forums how ever im being truthfull. i have no idea why i would get banned. thats not some thing i try to do I just joined the discord server not long ago why would i want to be banned right away??? please give a screen shot of me doing some thing i wasn't suppose to be doing? i don't make it my job to get my self banned from discord servers related to minecraft. i love minecraft why would i go and get my self banned. at least show me why i was