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  1. I have been playing AS for years now. I have tried other servers but nothing compares to Apoc's servers! The servers are very stable and lively. There is a Non-hardcore server so you don't have to worry about lives. I hope to see you on!
  2. Johnob1 where do I begin? You were banned for trying to destory the servers. As for the demanding owner, If you say you're a going to do something he expects you to do. I am never had a problem with him bossing people. As for kuma, their full name is Kuma Kuma Klan(aka kkk). If a person would name their group that, I hardly call that "very nice people". the owner does thank his staff. In my time the has been 4 global deus(opped on all apoc servers) 2 that I didn't know well, then other 2 who were lazy. only thing I can say is that you are lieing through your teeth cause you are still upset over being banned.
  3. The dns issue has been resolved. With the holiday season approaching Apoc is having a 25% off everything for the month of December. We will Be doing a fireworks display at 11:59pm pst on December 31.