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  1. In the wake of Minecraft, what new voxel games will become the next cultural sensation? Maybe none, but in this thread we will explore the best of Steam Greenlight and various other gaming distribution platforms to find some fun stuff to occupy your time! So if you're bored or occasionally get that itch for a blocky inspired game, bookmark this thread and begin your journey! If you find any good games, don't hesitate to let me know and they will be added to this thread (providing links to the games sites/Steam pages is encouraged). Planets Cubed A sci-fi adventure game with a really vibrant voxel art style and some cool looking weapons and vehicles. Oh, and it has intergalactic exploration too. Platform(s): Release Status: Alpha shortly No Man's Sky An ambitious multiplayer style procedurally generated space exploration game in the works, looks to be very ambitious, keep an eye out for this one! Platform(s): Release Status: 2015 Timber and Stone Strategy/building game with a voxel/cube art style, recommended if you like Dungeon Keeper/Civilization and want a Minecraft-aesthetic. Platform(s): Release Status: Early Access Space Engineers A sci fi slightly realistic space themed game that involves mining asteroids and building space stations, has been around for a little while now. Platform(s): Release Status: Early Access on Steam Trove An MMORPG from the developers of Rift that has neat building aspects and a Cube World inspired art style, this is as close to triple A as it gets for these types of games. Platform(s): Release Status: Open Beta Castle Story Voxel based building game with elements of tower defense and a very cartoony art style. Lukewarm reviews however. Platform(s): Release Status: Released on Steam Mythruna A "role crafting" game, intending to add serious RPG elements to the Minecraft formula. Great for nostalgia. Platform(s): Release Status: Playable In Dev Minetest Very similar to Minecraft this game has been in development for quite some time (since 2010). It's free, open source, but as a game is a bit lacking at the moment. Promising stuff however. Platform(s): Release Status: Playable In Dev Sticks & Starships Imagine Starmade and Tekkit had a baby. Imagine this child also could ride narwhals. Now you have Sticks & Starships. Platform(s): Release Status: Kickstarter Campaign Soon, Unplayable ATM One Last Day A procedurally generated zombie apocalypse game with crafting mechanics, and some neat survival mechanics. Not super original, but looks somewhat fun. Platform(s): Release Status: Early Access on Steam Portal Knights 3D Crafting and combat wrapped up in a slick art style. Lots of Minecraft style mechanics overall but promising looking exploration. Platform(s): Release Status: Early Access on Steam
  2. Hello there, I'm Amaxter, creator of the UMS modpack for the platform found here. For a while now my modpack has been flooding these forums with posts everywhere about issues (most commonly not allocating enough memory), so I've decided this is the place to put all your issues from now on. This will keep everything nice and tidy, thank you forum members (especially plowmanplow) for being tolerant of all the spam fans of my modpack have caused until this point XD. Please include crashes/logs, saying "PLZ FIX NOW" will help nobody.
  3. Will add, looks very promising!
  4. There's no doubt that Minecraft has become more than simply a game, it's practically a cultural phenomenon at this point. Everybody's played Minecraft, and everybody's bored of it. That's why there's hundreds of thousands of modpacks, unique server experiences, and other additions to Minecraft that people have made in an effort to completely overhaul the game. Simply Minecraft isn't any of those. It's been designed with the belief that vanilla Minecraft isn't inherently flawed or boring, after all, it's where all of us started. Instead Simply Minecraft takes the vanilla game and refines it in many ways to create a more cohesive and enjoyable experience from top to bottom. No longer is the game ugly, we've applied some clever effects that make your world that much more beautiful and immersive without murdering your computer, while still staying true to the default aesthetic. No longer is there a lack of content either, we've included mods both traditional and fresh, all of them respectful of the vanilla game's mechanics and configured to be as nonintrusive as possible. With a classy new look that's stunning yet familiar, dozens of hours of high quality content, and all manner of quality of life tweaks and additions, this is the best way to experience Minecraft as it was meant to be. Forget the automated factory systems and nuclear reactors, take a break from modded Minecraft as you know it. There's no more intricate quests or clutter like WAILA or health bars getting in the way of you and the game. That's because this isn't a modpack, it's Simply Minecraft.
  5. ​No worries, after some blood, sweat, and tears I've made the formatting all fancy! Here's to hoping it doesn't break, let the suggestions continue!
  6. ​Fair enough, but the forums editor in its current state is a bit lacking unfortunately, I'll try my best but right now I'm struggling to insert images into posts with plain BBCode, which is a bit of an issue.
  7. I'll add it, but for future reference I'm mainly paying attention to
  8. This is cool. I approve.
  9. Just published Steve's Galaxy, my brand new modpack!

  10. You can use our Solder database for a fee per month (depends on how much bandwidth you use, but likely not more than whatever you payed for DropBox Pro). PM me if interested. We have a 300 Mbps uplink.
  11. What do you guys think of my vanilla-style pack Simplify?

  12. I hate to be that guy that says he was into something before it was cool, but I found Copy in like September of 2013 or so, so yeah. You can thank me later.
  13. I kind of gave up on this topic some time ago but I think I'm going to be continuing to update it now.
  14. is an awesome host, my old modpack Ultra Modded Survival used terabytes of bandwidth a day and they didn't even bat an eye.
  15. Old Technic Platform, you had a good run.

  16. Modpack Factory now released! Want a modpack? Check it out in the Platform Pagoda.

  17. Please send an actual crash report.
  18. Aether Worlds is about to get a big update...

  19. If there was a quick and easy fix to it then I would have resolved it. I need to see what mod or combination of mods is causing the invisibility glitch with some blocks/items.
  20. Why must the developers of Resonant Engine and Botania be so active? It's hard for us modpack authors ;(

    1. Kalbintion


      Because things to get done and fix.
    2. Shadow278


      Atleast they're getting updates. They killed voltz and dropped icbm 1.7
  21. The issue is with Reliquary and some other mod failing to download a dependency. Try removing FastCraft from the mods folder.
  22. This looks genuinely awesome! Will install when I get home.