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Found 7 results

  1. It has been reported on the Tracker that Dropbox recently made a change to their direct download links that breaks the Platform/Launcher link.   Tracker report:   New Dropbox Link: What the Technic Platform saves: This is due to the standard length of characters a normal test field/string saves (255 characters).   Since the new dropbox links are longer than 255 characters, it cuts off the rest of the new link.   We are working to fix this issue. Expect a hot fix within the next day or so.    Edit: has been suggested as an alternative.
  2. i got this mail from dropbox This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.For more information on suspended links, please visit the Help Center. If this is your first suspension, you may remove the suspension by visiting your account page.- The Dropbox Team what should i do now? i removed it before, this time it doesn't allow me remove the ban. any idea? any help???
  3. I have always used dropbox for my modpacks, never run into any issues with it until recent. I tried to update one of my modpacks and used dropbox like usual and now all of a sudden it says the link is invalid so I put the original link back in and when I clicked update it also said link is invalid even though that was the link that was used before I tried to update. Now none of my modpacks are working from my dropbox link. Before you suggest anything here is what I have found so far: -NO I am not past my bandwidth limit on dropbox -YES I already tried these variations for the link: -YES I am 100% sure the links were working before I attempted to update as someone in my household deleted and reinstalled the modpack as a test and it worked fine a few days ago I tried to send a help request but when I pressed send it says There was an error processing your request. Please try again later and this has been going on all week. If I cannot get this working I would love suggestions on other plateforms I can make a customer modpack available as I want to make a server for the TrollzCraftPlus modpack.
  4. Hello! I've been trying to get my mod-pack to download properly but I haven't been too successful. I believe I have done everything properly and have made sure that the link to my Dropbox has been a direct download. I have tried Google Drive and that hasn't worked either. My main problem with Dropbox is that it downloads fine, but then restarts the download. After checking the mod-pack location inside of .technic, I have found that the download saves into the "cache" section of the pack, with the same amount of files and data structure as before. What should I do in order to get it working again? My mod-pack: The download link to my mod-pack: (Just in-case you need to see it.) The structure of the zip file: | bin | - modpack.jar | config | - (All of the config files.) | mods | - (All of the mod files.) I have made sure that "bin", "config", and "mods" are the base folders of the zip.
  5. error

    Hello! I've been working with modpacks for quite some time now, and everything has gone well until today, when I tried to update my modpack yet again (I've done that multiple times before). I pasted the new modpack URL into my modpack settings, saved and went into the Technic Launcher where I tried to install the update for my pack - it didn't work. It just gave me this error after a few seconds! Modpack URL: Error log: I've never encountered something like this before, and I've tried to fix it by changing some things in the download URL, such as replacing 'www' with 'dl' and 'dropbox' with 'dropboxusercontent', and reinstalling the entire pack! I don't know which other host to use, since I have always been using Dropbox for hosting modpack files. I even tried to upload the file to another Dropbox account! The recommended site is no longer available, so I am really lost right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. EDIT: It seems like there's something wrong with my modpack?! Maybe it isn't the host... ~Henriko
  6. When I try to download my custom modpack, it says that the .zip file does not exist. It CLEARLY does.Here is the modpack download (I was told no config file is needed, but earlier tests concluded same result occurs): DIRECT DOWNLOAD
  7. Posting this here rather than in the host thread, as there isn't too much activity in there. I used to use all the time to host my pack, and had it working for several years. However, these days I find myself having to use dropbox (and making new accounts and re-uploading my files twice a day to keep up with demand because of the limit there). When I try to use, it will either say "Looks like we've hit a snag!" and not let me add the link to my modpack location (happens consistently no matter the time, day, etc.). It used to always work where I would add a link such as and it would be fine. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I have tried adding www. before, and this gets around the "We've hit a snag" error page, and updates the pack, but the download wont work, and players trying to download my pack will just get an error saying they couldn't connect to the download source. TL:DR: Are any of you using to host your packs, and if so, what are you doing differently from me? Thank you