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Found 10 results

  2. Hello! Earlier I had been playing on the Attack Of The B-Team server when everything froze, the screen turned a light blue, and I went straight back to the launcher. I have 4Gb dedicated to the launcher, and that's the highest I can put it at. I've tried reinstalling it, but to no avail. I have a Mac OS X Please help me!
  3. I've used Technic launcher several times on windows but I tried installing it onto my Mac OS Sierra with the car file, it gave me a whole bunch of useless files that I had no Idea how to use. If someone knows what to do, it'd be appreciated to help. Thanks
  4. I recently downloaded the Technic Launcher to my Mac (OSX El Capitan 10.11.4), but I have unfortunately not been able to log in. I am not sure if this is an issue with Mojang or with Technic. I have successfully tried logging into the vanilla Minecraft launcher, so it may be the latter. Screenshot attached below.
  5. Im running a tekkit legends server on mac and in all my tekkit and other wise servers I've used the following command file to run the server: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xms3G -Xmx4G -jar TekkitLegends.jar At the moment this command it not working, the server will crash immediately The server is able to run if I simply open the TekkitLegends.jar file but it runs very slowly because it doesnt have enough RAM. Is there an alternative command I should use or another way to allocate memory to the server? I would appreciate help so much, and thank you in advance [Side note- I have also tried #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xmx2G -Xms1G -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -jar "TekkitLegends.jar" nogui this is based on the start.bat file that unfortunately only works on PC.)
  6. Hello, I am having issues with the Build-Your-Own-Modpack 1.7.10, which will load past the Mojang screen, and while it activates the mods it will crash to the launcher. I assume there are conflicting mods that are causing this issue, however I'm not sure which ones and have no experience with code or reading anything on the console/technic logs. I am using a 2012 Macbook running version OS X 10.9.5, with a 2.9 GHz Intel Core 17 and an HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB, and it has 8 GB of RAM. This is not the first time it has refused to load mod packs, however I had been using this specific one for a good three months with no lag, FPS drops or crashes until I added several new mods and attempted to visit the Nether. I have updated Java, as well as added the Legendary Java Fixer mod to the Build-Your-Own Mod pack v. 1.7.10. The paste bin for the latest crash is below, and any information on why this happens/how to fix it would be absolutely wonderful. Pastebin Thank you for your time.
  7. With the next upgrade in Minecraft and Minecraft mods progressing into 1.7.2, more and more mods are dropping support for Java 6.   Before upgrading Java make sure your computer supports it by checking here:   Unlike Windows and Mac, major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux offer OpenJDK as their default Java SE implementation.   32-bit vs 64-bit and what does it mean?   Long story short, you cannot run a computer with more memory than 4GB if you use 32-bit.   Technic recommends using 64-bit versions of Java (if supported). This allows more memory for Minecraft to use.    Questions or how to check your system can be found here:   Windows users:   Mac users:    Linux users:   If you are needing to upgrade your Java install, grab a copy from here and follow these guides:   Windows Users:   Check what version of Java your running by going here:   Or checking your installed programs by going to: Control Panel -> Programs and Features   and following this guide:   Mac Users:   You have special requirements for installing/uninstalling Java on your computers   Please read CLOSELY here:   If you cannot uninstall Java 6, install Java 7 and then follow thses steps:   Next start the Java Preferences app from /Applications/Utilities Drag Java 7 to the top of the list like in the screenshot. This will make locally run Java applications use Java 7 instead of Java 6. You can uncheck the Java 6 options if you do not want them to be allowed to run. This section is for the Java runtime for local applications, and has nothing to do with the web plugin.     Linux Users:   Ubuntu and Fedora users:   Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle, Oracle Enterprise, SLES users: After you have installed Java 7, check to make sure it is installed here:   Hope this helps clear things up!   EDIT: Add Mac instructions.
  8. I've seen this question asked a lot, but I haven't seen any fixes for Macs. The launcher says "Copying OS X natives", tries to open the modpack, and then just goes right back to the launcher. None of the other questions had any help for a Mac. I'm using OS X Mavericks, if that's important.
  9. When I start my modpack I created (Forest,Space,and Beyond) I fixed all the previous errors except "copying OS X natives" When loading up the modpack it loads some stuff then it goes to "copying OS X natives" and is at 0% and just stop there. The modpack won't start. Iv'e tried to restart the launcher, restart the loading of the mod, re-install it ect. I saw someone had this same problem on the forums but I lost their post. Can anyone help me plz? D: Tell me if you need any further information. My modpack version is: 1.7.10
  10. Alright, so I had the problem of where the Technic Launcher was not updating correctly and it was not downloading the OpenSans asset THIS IS A FIX FOR MAC AS OF May 7th, 2016! (It worked for me, so it should work for others too.) Computer specs: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 OSX Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) Java Version 8 Update 91 (April 19, 2016) Steps to fix: 1) Close the erroring launcher, and make sure that Minecraft is close, just to be safe 2) Navigate to one of your folders on your mac, then click on the button that says "Path" in the left hand corner (upper/slight right) 3) Click on the folder that is called MACINTOSH HD 4) Press (CMD+SHIFT+G) on your keyboard and paste in the path "Users/(username here)/Library/Application Support/technic/" with your username in it instead of "(username here)" 5) You will be brought to your technic folder. If you have anything you want to save, save it now. 6) Delete your "technic" folder in the "Application Support" folder, we are doing a clean install. 7) Run the technic launcher again and it should install fine. -------- If it didn't work, then idk what is wrong with your computer. Don't ask me, but rather ask yourself. I don't know your computer and I am too lazy to provide further tech support. I am not responsible for damage done to your computer. You chose to follow my guide. Thank you