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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, was wondering about my discord ban duration. Username: Gomo
  2. I'm not asking to be unbanned i'm just asking for you to listen ok so bochen415 you sent me a screen shot of me banned on discord. but i have no clue why i was banned in the first place. I'm not dumb or stupid. i am normaly one who follows rules to the t. but it would be nice if some one could show me the reason i was banned becuz i have no clue at all. the only thing i was doing the night that the discord group vanished from my discord aka "banned" was listening to music in the music channel a few times and i may of said a few things in general chat. please don't ignore this becuz i am being Sirius and i am 23 i am really cool guy i don't go around breaking rules why would i do that. i like minecraft to much. i was on the technic discord to find a server to play becuz i wanted to get back into minecraft i was in the scream den 2 days ago talking to some dude about his problem with his modpack he couldn't get it to work. i told him i havent played minecraft in a few years if you would like to talk to me in a discord chat or call id be willing to i am cool guy i do not try to break rules intentionally yes sending this message is probly a stupid idea if i wanted to get a ban form the forums how ever im being truthfull. i have no idea why i would get banned. thats not some thing i try to do I just joined the discord server not long ago why would i want to be banned right away??? please give a screen shot of me doing some thing i wasn't suppose to be doing? i don't make it my job to get my self banned from discord servers related to minecraft. i love minecraft why would i go and get my self banned. at least show me why i was
  3. All of my friends hate Minecraft now days, so please add me on steam or skype @infotechdave to start a new modded survival on a random server/modpack!
  4. The Basics A Tech & Magic Pack which includes over 130+ Mods upgraded to 1.10.2. Everything from AE2, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture, Blood Magic, Biomes O' Plenty to Draconic Evolution. It's all there! Old favorites and new additions of all the best mods for 1.10.2. We are constantly updating the mods to the latest versions and applying fixes to assist in the early stages of 1.10.2 mod development. There is no topping this pack! Technic Pack: Technic Launcher Server Download: Technic Report Issues: GitHub Pack Discord: Invite Get Involved! We are taking suggestions on the GitHub and discussions about the pack can be had on discord. The Pack requires a recommended 6 GB of RAM ------------------------------------------------------> Official Server Included in the pack <---------------------------------------------------------------
  5. the instant invited has expired on the home page of mods please update the link or some one give me a link
  6. Hey, it's PlushyLes/Oniscepter/NagLinked. I'd like to apologize for my attitude/slight racism towards Flipe (I believe that was his name) and for not stopping when being told to do so. I wasted my first chance, apparently, earlier than I believed I would. I already knew that I'd be here eventually, appealing, but I did not embrace that. I like being on the Discord, occasionally helping people in #tech-help and chatting in #general . I'm gonna miss that. Sorry guys. A second chance'd be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi! I've just created a small, evolve server that has kcauldon! (Kcauldron is the new bukkit btw..) There's permissions, essentials, and the such. progress will be made to improve the server and spread the community! Evolve invite link:,party:GTb9LUydOVj02h6e server ip: Duscord invite:
  8. Hello, would be nice if you didn't lock the thread and actually let me answer / state my side of the story. Reason why I got banned quoting 'bochen415' : "failure to follow the server ad guidelines after multiple warnings" . Discord '#servers' / advertising rule: 9) When advertising in #servers and #platform-packs, be wary about how your advertisement makes the channel look. Don't post ads more often than every 4-6 hours in any circumstance, and only re-post your ad if the chat is moving fast enough that your old ad was pushed off the last few pages of chat. If a moderator asks you to slow your roll, please comply. I'm well aware of the rules and do my best to follow them. This is the picture of my first and only warning that I got on your discord server, and it was from "Khionu" And this is the post before last one in #servers section: (date, October And this is the picture of my last post.. well, you can't see it because it was deleted.: (October I posted my ad right after 'Zilacon' did and got immediately banned without any warning / message. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could reconsider your decision. I've been a part of this community for a longer period of time now, and I feel like I didn't deserve getting banned for this (imo) minor mistake. -kind regards- Gomo
  9. for some reason i can not event discord my discord name is baby snufkin can i get help with this
  10. Imagine a world where your sense of adventure is reignited yet is still familiar, a world ran by a small, intimate community. Meet Alan's Legendary Server. The server operates 24/7. Meet our modpack: - ? >150 mods (various magic, technical and adventure mods) ? - ? Breathtaking Atmosphere: become aware of your surroundings, every step you make, every hit you take will feel real. Never has an adventure been so immersive. ? - ? Technically Superior: all mods in the pack have been configured to suit our server to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment. We're running a custom dedicated server with a 1GBPS connection and 16 GBs of RAM. - ⬇ Solder Enabled: Solder has been enabled - meaning whenever something changes you don't have to redownload the entire modpack Pack: Discord Server: Join the Discord server and tag @Alan#1262, he'll provide you with the server IP / add you to the whitelist. See you there!
  11. Hello, I used to be able to connect to technic discord but I can no longer connect, it just says invite is invalid or has expired. To my knowledge, there was nothing that I did wrong in the technic discord, if there is Id appreciate an explanation, but I am pretty sure I am banned. Id like to request an unban from it, Im not sure if this is the right place to be doing that but I'm a bit annoyed that I was kicked from the discord.
  12. Our server is a small Discord group with a handful of active members (About 14) made up of folks ranging from age 15 to 27. Most of us have been playing a lot of Overwatch, League of Legends, Smite, Ark, and Rocket League. When we're not doing that, we often talk about movies, games, tv, books, food, or our lives. It's a close woven, cool place. If that sounds like the type of gaming community you'd like to be a part of, don't hesitate to join us.
  13. So... basically I when I join Discord it says my code is invalid or expired I searched this up and apparently it could be a ban. I did read through the rules I do not think I broke one If I did I am deeply sorry as I am new to this Discord thing. If I have been banned for an authentic reason then I am sorry and I will not bother you any longer I would just request a reason why this is happening. (My Discord name I believe is Neku)
  14. I am sorry for causing problems for any of technic's staff. I had read the rules but forgot to use common sense when making a reply. If I am unbanned I promise to follow all rules and behave myself.