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Found 3 results

  1. Could someone tell how the seperate modpacks get the login info, when you first log inn? i understands how the launcher is launching the modpacks, but how does it get the login info. since modpacks have seperated minecraft.jar files. It would be awesome if somebody could tell me how, and maybe send code:D regards: ---:--- (loster31345)
  2. Alright, so I had the problem of where the Technic Launcher was not updating correctly and it was not downloading the OpenSans asset THIS IS A FIX FOR MAC AS OF May 7th, 2016! (It worked for me, so it should work for others too.) Computer specs: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 OSX Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) Java Version 8 Update 91 (April 19, 2016) Steps to fix: 1) Close the erroring launcher, and make sure that Minecraft is close, just to be safe 2) Navigate to one of your folders on your mac, then click on the button that says "Path" in the left hand corner (upper/slight right) 3) Click on the folder that is called MACINTOSH HD 4) Press (CMD+SHIFT+G) on your keyboard and paste in the path "Users/(username here)/Library/Application Support/technic/" with your username in it instead of "(username here)" 5) You will be brought to your technic folder. If you have anything you want to save, save it now. 6) Delete your "technic" folder in the "Application Support" folder, we are doing a clean install. 7) Run the technic launcher again and it should install fine. -------- If it didn't work, then idk what is wrong with your computer. Don't ask me, but rather ask yourself. I don't know your computer and I am too lazy to provide further tech support. I am not responsible for damage done to your computer. You chose to follow my guide. Thank you
  3. Guide

    A few people have been asking about this, so I thought I'd do a basic, step by step tutorial on how to build a server for you custom modpack. To make it even easier, I have done the tricky stuff for you! Step One Grab the base server files from here which correspond to your Minecraft version: MC Version - Cauldron Version *Links removed* Unzip the file, create a new folder called 'MyServerNameHere'. Copy the unzipped files into the new folder. Minecraft Forge now requires the minecraft_server.jar as well. This has been included in the zips above but don't get freaked out because it doesn't appear in the screenshots below! Step Two So you got your pack right? What you need from it are the mods, coremods and config folders. If you have Flan's mod, you need the Flans folder as well. Copy them over into the 'MyServerNameHere' folder. It should now look like this: Reminder! In 1.6+ NO mods go in the coremods folder! Everything goes in the mods folder! For this, I have used the example of my pack, Yogcraft Extreme. Step Three This is an important step. You MUST delete all client side mods from the coremods and mods folders. This includes any NEI plugins from mods, any Voxel mods and Inventory Tweaks. This also includes Dynamic Lights, Custom LAN Ports, Optifine, any minimap mods and GUI API. Only mods that actually add content to the game need to be included. Otherwise, bin it! Step Four The pack is now done! Just run the launch.bat file and hey presto, it all works! Errors Most errors when running the server or playing the server can be fixed with a simple update. A common problem with Voxel Mods is if another mod is out of date, it will crash upon disconnecting from the server. Whatever that mod is, update it to its latest version for the version of MC you are using. I intend to update this as necessary, so if you have any other bugs/errors, post them below and I will endeavour to help you.