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Found 3 results

  1. DreamCraft2.0 is a Modded Towny Survival Server Directions to Download Via the Technic OR Feed the Beast Launcher (Code for 3rd Party Pack is: DreamCraft2) is Available on our Website - Homepage - RightHand Side - 1/2way Down:DreamCraft2.0 Website Promotional Trailer: Join us for a unique server experience that allows players to get the best they can out of MineCraft’s original purpose: BUILDING & ADVENTURE! DreamCraft2.0 is a Modded Towny Survival Server run by Caveman2001 and Kalleigh6694, husband and wife Minecraft/Towny fanatics! Mods Include: Hunger OverHaul HarvestCraft Biomes O'Plenty AE2 Balkons Weapon Mod Big Reactors BuildCraft Carpenter's Blocks MineFactory Reloaded NEI Tinker's Construct Iguana Tweaks Trade booth Vending Blocks WAILA HeadCrumbs CustomNPCs Cooking For Blockheads Spice of Life MapWriter2 & More .... Plugins Include: Towny ChestShop BookRules Lift Lottery OnTime PhatLoots Jobs Reborn & More What Makes DreamCraft2.0 Different From Other Servers? Our no build/no break in the wild policy enables towns to grow in the OverWorld with no fear of ravaged landscape that takes away from the beauty of the locale. Interesting server builds allow for growth throughout the server and the occasional opportunity to add an unclaimed build to your town! With no OverWorld resets, you can create a town 1000 plots large or live as a hermit in a one-plot town! Visit the Resource World for a separate place to mine, chop and dig to your heart’s content (the unprotected Resource World is periodically reset). Like Adventure? While DreamCraft2.0 can be played like a regular Towny Server with some automation options, there is also an adventure feel provided by quests, NPCs and puzzles. Interact with the community as a whole or go off and start your own quiet little town within the OverWorld. With no resets, you can build safely knowing that your town is there for as long as you maintain it and pay taxes! Roam the landscape in search of adventure and explore server builds seeking treasure!  Is There a Community? Our smaller player-base enables friendly interaction with different players and the ability to create towns for communal living. Towny is a fantastic plugin which enables both town perms and individual plot perms. You haven’t worked with Towny a lot in the past? See our tutorial building or visit the website for videos and links. Additionally, most non-vanilla items have been integrated with Towny providing the most protection possible.   Does DreamCraft2.0 Have an Economy? Our server economy is being created by the players for the players. While the AdminShop, DreamMART, offers some essentials (at higher prices), players are encouraged to use ChestShop in either the Player-Market or their own towns to corner the market on food, building supplies and more! Feeling lucky? The lottery provides an opportunity for players to "pay to play!" Jobs and Voting are two more ways for Players to add to their pockets! However, money earned per hour is capped so plan your financial future in DreamCraft2.0 wisely. Venturing into the dangerous Resource World? Feel free to use DreamCraft Banks for a safe place to stash cash! Just don’t forget to leave money in your town bank to cover taxes or your town will VANISH!   Is DreamCraft2.0 a Challenge? Mods added to the server were chosen for the challenges they add to survival! Enjoy mods like Biomes O’ Plenty, Tinker’s Construct, Pam’s HarvestCraft, Spice of Life, Hunger OverHaul, HeadCrumbs, Iguana Tweaks and more! Once you get control of the land … you can rule the world! Other mods add automation to the world through Applied Energistics 2, BuildCraft, MineFactory Reloaded, Project Red and more. However, don’t get too comfortable since many machines have had their energy input/output abilities tinkered with to ensure that no one gets a cakewalk in survival! Banned, restricted, limited and "nerfed" items can be found on our website.   Overly OP Donators & Staff Run the Server, Right? WRONG! Our donator perks are pretty aestetic in nature. Players donate because they like DreamCraft2.0 and want to see it continue! Sure, you can get fun stuff but no earth-shattering overly OP weapons and cash advantages! Donate because you want to, not because you have to in order to "win!" Our staff consists of a few core players that actually want to PLAY Minecraft! Sure they have some powers to help control the server with regard to rules, but when playing, they are held to the same rules and accountability as any other player.   BUT is DreamCraft2.0 Fun? You Bet! Hats helps to keep a lively view as you roam through the wild collecting them all! Everyone loves to sit back and enjoy a concoction via Brewery! The mods, plugins and overall server design were formatted to keep things interesting while encouraging players to create their own Adventure! Try DreamCraft2.0 today Keep Up With ALL Things DreamCraft2.0 Related Via: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TWITTER PAGE: FACEBOOK PAGE:
  2. Not sure where to post this, but here seems appropriate. I'd like to make a couple of modpacks with ponies, custom maps, and a story line. While I have a few mods in mind, I'm looking for links, suggestions, information, and general help. I'm not asking for this to be done for me, just want to be pointed in the correct direction. Now, I'm thinking 1.7.10, or 1.8 would be the best way to go. I have forge installed for 1710 already. On to the modpack ideas: Something similar to blightfall with ponies. I'll be looking at both blightfall's and Crash Landing's list of mods for ides. While I don't like thaumcraft (or magic mods in general) the taint is perfect for emulating radiation and biological hazards and the magical projectile spells are useful. I'll also want guns, more food, map creators (creative only); well here is a tentative list. Working Title : Ferrous Oxide Equine Core Mods: Mine Little Pony, thaumcraft, hardcore quest, NPCs, harvestcraft Secondary: tinker, waila, any gun mod (possibly Flan's), anything to limit or stop certain mobs from spawning, chisel Extra: anything for map creation, required mods, many of the mods from blightfall A second modpack I'm going for will put the player in a farming situation with ponies. I'll see if I can keep the player human, but he can be pony. While sporting a custom map, it will also have a smaller pack. I'll be looking at The Laboratory HQM for many of these mods. Working Title: Little Fliiy Congradulations, you're in Equestria. You get a farm to fix up, and a little pony to help. Too bad it's a fixer-upper, both the town and the farm. Main: harvestcraft, HQM, NPCs Secondary: Spice of life, waila, chisel Extra: anything for map creation, required mods, Player health/hunger mods (I want actions/attacks to cost hunger, and health to only regen when sleeping), mob spawn control. I might not need that much help until I want to pack the mods, but I'd like to have a thread to track progress. I'll probably try working on a third modpack, but expect Little Filly to be done first. I'll mainly be asking for help with NPCs and HQM, mainly trying to do in-game map changes, adding NPCs after requirements are met, and so on. Thanks. Update Edit: Let's install forge 1710 and make a couple of profiles for our modpacks. (it doesn't work that way, and MLP needs liteloader) Well, Liteloader 1710 and MLP, I'll figure out thaumcraft later. (MLP only goes down to 1.8.9, and that's the 1.10 version) Let's extend liteloader 189 with forge 189. (This version of MLP is buggered, find another one) We have ponies now, let's add thaumcraft! (You need a later version of forge 1.8.9) Install forge-1.8.9-, extend liteloader 189 with said forge, add MLP and thaumcraft, now RUN! I now have thaumatic ponies, thank you. ~50 more mods to go. So, I'm using minecraft 1.8.9, gets yay it. (I have thaumatic ponies, I have thaumatic ponies, I have thaumatic ponies!) What? I told you I'd be working on this. Is there a mod for adding credits, to credit those that helped (or stroke my ego if no one helps)?
  3. This modpack is called Destruction and Despair, it is strongly focused on pvp, raiding and being mean. If you want to kill people, swear in chat, blow up peoples bases, this is the place for you! Modpack Download: The server will automatically be in the servers list, simply click multiplayer and join! Discord Server: You can go to the discord to receive support, simply message one of our staff members or use the help channel! Common issue(Old java version crashing minecraft): Staff Application: Donation store: Server info: The server is about 2 weeks old. We are dedicated, experienced, relaxed and respectful staff. The server is a factions, and if you are raided, you can not come complain to us. We have weekly events such as drop parties, pvp arenas, and dog fights where people get in planes and blow eachother to death!