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Found 5 results

  1. After a tekkit classic world had glitched out, I decided to create a new one. It worked perfectly fine without lag. I mined, found diamonds and started building a home. Now, when I try to play this world, it either crashes or is really slow. By reallt slow I mean that when I move my mouse it takes like 10 seconds to react. When I press esc it opens up the menu after a couple of seconds and that works perfectly fine. I don't know what to do now, I really really don't want to lose this world. Tell me if you need any files.
  2. My friend and I wanted to get back into tekkit. I can run tekkit just fine averaging about 50 fps. My friend on the other hand, he cannot. He gets about 4 fps in the MENU screen and can't select to join a server or start a new single player world. Before anyone asks for specs, he has 16gb of ram. while its running it only uses about 30% of his ram and 40% of his cpu. We have already tried allocating more ram in the launcher but that did not effect anything. He has a better computer than me so can anybody tell me why it runs better for me and not him. Any solutions?
  3. Hey guys so for a long while I've been playing hexxit but every so often it would randomly crash while I was playing with my friends due to not enough memory. I got fed up and installed 64 bit java successfully which I was really happy about. I decided to try out hexxit with 2 gb and the new java but now everything I open on technic is extremely laggy in the menuscreen so much so that I can't even click create new world or connect to any servers.
  4. fps

    i download blightfall and it was working fine, however suddenly i only got 0-3 fps and i have restarted my computer and even restored it to the factory setting and optifine doesn't help. (please help me)
  5. Hi technicpack-community! I have a problem with a modpack. A friend created a modpack (1.7.10) and a server. If I go to my base, the fps will drop down to 1-3. My base isn't big, because we are playing since yesterday. I broke already down all machines but that wasn't a fix. I assigned 6gb ram and the game uses max. 3gb. My cpu is most time 60% occupied and my gpu 30%-50% (outside the base up to 80%!). I removed some mods but this don't helped. I don't have more ideas to fix the problem. Thanks for all help! Bisenius18 Modlist: Advanced Solar Panel animalsPlus AnimationAPI Antique Atlas Applied Energistics 2 Architecture Craft Arcs Magica 2 ATG Baby Mobs Bag Pack Battle Towers Big Reactors Buildcraft Buildcraft Compat cfm ChickenChunks Chisel ChocoCraft CodeChickenCore CoFHCore ComputerCraft Damage Indicators Deconstruction Dragon's Radio Mod DrZharks MoCreatures Mod Dynamic Lights Dynamic Surroundings Enchanting Plus EnderCore EnderIO EvilCraft Extrabiomes XL FairyLights FastLeafDecay Forestry Fossils Archeology Revival GalacticCraftCore CalacticCraft-Planets Hats IChunUtil IndustrialCraft 2 ItemPhysics Lite Mekanism MekanismGenerators MekanismTools MicdoodleCore MinecraftComesAlive MineFactory Reloaded MmmMmmMmmMmm MobCages MorePlayerModels NetherOres NotEnoughItems OpenBlocks OpenComputers OpenModsLib Optifine PneumaticCraft PowerConverters ProjectRed-Base ProjectRed-Compat ProjectRed-Fabrication ProjectRed-Integration ProjectRed-Lightning ProjectRed-Mechanical ProjectRed-World RadixCore-universal RoadBlocks rougelike Ruins SecurityCraft StorageDrawers Thaumcraft TheKitchenMod ThermalDynamics ThermalExpansion ThermalFoundation Thirst-Mod Trashlot TwilightForest UpdateCheckerMod WallCraft-Mod