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Found 14 results

  1. So I recently found technic because I wanted to try out the counter craft mod. So I downloaded the launcher and the normal minecraft. I launched the 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2, and all the other latest ones just incase it needed the versions for the mods. I then went onto the technic launcher and downloaded the counter craft official mod with 2 million runs and it downloaded with no issues but I went to launch it and at the bottom it said everything was fine and then It said "downloading minecraft assets 0%" and then "launches" at 0%, it closed technic and then around 2 seconds later it re launches the technic launcher. I turned the ram all the way down and I cant get it to work. Do I have to launch any other specific things to get mods to work or could I just download a single mod and be able to start it? I also don't have the best computer or internet connection atm because I'm on vacation, would that be the cause of the issue?
  2. There is something wrong with the mod pack I created. every time I launch it there are no mods
  3. Hi, My problem is that I cant play any modpacks on my computer after i changed to Windows 10 from Windows 8. I have 8GB of RAM and have not only the latest 64bit Java and the 1.8.0_141 64bit Java. Please Help!!!
  4. Hello, last year, I played some modpacks and everything was fine, but now I can't start any modpack anymore. When i click "Play", the launcher will load, but the game doesn't start. I installed an other Java version, a new Nvidia Gamedriver, but it doesn't work. I tried my best. Windows 10 (64-Bit) Java: Version 8 Update 144 Nvidia Gamedriver: Before 376.33 (doesn't work), now 385.28 Nvidia Graphic card: GeForce GT 610 I hope you can help me.
  5. Hey Guys, I have a little problem with my custom modpack. When I try to download it from the Launcher, it says: Attemping to extract file but it did not exist. How can I fix this problem? Thanks Modpack Download: I tried to modify zip file name, but it doesn't still work. OLD!
  6. Whenever I attempt to launch the Official Fossils & Archaeology pack, it wouldn't launch. Since I set my launcher so that it won't close when the game launches, it stays open, but the game never launches. I've had this problem before so I tried reinstalling Technic, then I tried installing the modpack twice. EDIT: Here's the log for OHGaming's Wild West.
  7. I instaled a modpack , for example , "Grilled Cheese Modded Survival" and "S&C - What is Minecraft" , just examples i instaled correctly and then i click play it loads and nothing happends, just kinda blinks and stays the same what should i do? sorry for the crappy english
  8. I try to open Tekkit Legends, but when I press the Play button, the launcher closes, and it tries to iniciate the modpack, but then it throws me back to the launcher without opening the modpack. I've tried to download again all the technic stuff, but the problem still occurring. logs : Thanks for the help.
  9. problem

    hi, I am running on a 64-bit desktop, 16 GB ram, 4gb msi graphics card and a amd a10 4ghz cpu and my game lags a lot, when I run it I can move around smoothly for a couple seconds then it goes super janky and then normal and back nonstop, i am on java 1.8 and i dont know how to fix it. help?
  10. Hey guys so for a long while I've been playing hexxit but every so often it would randomly crash while I was playing with my friends due to not enough memory. I got fed up and installed 64 bit java successfully which I was really happy about. I decided to try out hexxit with 2 gb and the new java but now everything I open on technic is extremely laggy in the menuscreen so much so that I can't even click create new world or connect to any servers.
  11. Everytime I click launch on Tekkit Classic it loads up like regular. But right around the time the Mojang symbol shows up it appears as a blank gray/white screen. I have reinstalled tekkit and it has not worked. I really appreciate your help Log.txt
  12. Hi, So a couple of years back (1 or 2), I loved to play Tekkit Classic. I eventually stopped, but now the nostalgia has gotten to me and I want to try it out again. However, whenever I try to move in a Tekkit Classic world, each movement button stops working after about 5 seconds, even if I wasn't using it. I also can't bring up the inventory or menu. Changing desktops (I play on a Macbook Air) and then going back to the Tekkit window resets the process, but you can't play like that. Do you guys know how to fix this? As a side note- Vanilla Minecraft and other modpacks work fine. If it matters I tried Hexxit & Pixelmon. I also can't move on multiplayer servers. Also, I've tried reinstalling (it didn't work).
  13. Ok, just a quick preface- i've been googling on this for the past 3 days, even consulting my computer wizard cousin who is stumped as well. I don't know where else to turn please help me! I just wanna play Tekkit! I am on a Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 (If that matters). I downloaded the Mac OSX version of tekkit, I launched it, a couple bugs, i needed a java update or something, i play tekkit, its fine... i log off, i sleep. Next morning I wake up, (Time for some tekkit), i open the launcher... launcher nowhere to be found, INSTEAD a dastardly FOLDER that calls itself TechnicLauncher appears. "OK..." I click it, more folders, more files, i open each individually, none open the launcher. I try opening the .jar launcher again... It creates another Folder 'TechnicLauncher(2)', this goes on for awhile. I google around... nothing. I uninstall java and tecnic pack launcher, i reinstall both, i open the .jar file, IT CREATES A GODDAMN F O L D E R. The next two days are filled with googleing, forum scanning, and frustration... Just to specify, the first time i downloaded the launcher it worked fine (the first time i opened it), i closed it, slept, and when i woke up the next day it has folder creating turrets syndrome. Help would be greatly appreciated. - GerPole
  14. hey guys, i've been having a problem with tekkit lite where it crashes anytime i press alt+w, which i do a lot because i usually set alt as my sprint key. i've tried everything i can think of to fix it but nothing has worked and it's made the game impossible to play because i keep accidentally pressing alt out of habit. i've googled around and i can't see where anyone else has had this problem. can anyone help me?