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  1. Hello everyone! Glad you're taking a look at this thread, this will contain information regarding our custom modpack which is set to be released in June, and this thread was created on April 13th of 2017, leaving us with a month and a half to work on this pack. SERVER IS NOW OPEN AND READY TO BE PLAYED ON, WE SPED THINGS UP BY SO MUCH THAT THE MODPACK IS COMPLETE AND SERVER IS UP! VISIT WWW.XASKUENOPE.ENJIN.COM/WHITELISTAPPLICATION TO GET STARTED!We are open to ideas, including mod suggestions, server suggestions, and comments regarding this project.Why am I doing this? Every summer I set up a modded server so me and a couple friends can play on it while the summer goes on, then we hibernate the server during September, since we all start school, but we will keep it up if anyone is willing to keep playing on it. It wasn't until last summer that I allowed other players who aren't my close friends to play on it, by submitting a whitelist application. This allowed us to control the flow of players, and since we won't be to strict with rules on the modded server, we want to keep things in order with the flow of players going in and out.Why a custom modpack?:It wasn't until last summer that I made a server running on my own custom modpack, and we loved it. We used to just run the server on more known packs, such as Tekkit, and most popularly (for me) Attack of the B-Team. Now, I'm a fan of tech and nature mods, and since my friends enjoyed magic mods too, we played Attack Of The B-Team since it included all 3 genres, but since last summer I created a pack that also contained all 3 genres, but were updated mods, and instead of playing a modpack running on version 1.6.4 of Minecraft, we played on version 1.7.10 which was a lot better.What will this new modpack be?:It will be a mix of 3 genres, which are tech, nature, and magic. It'll definitely be a modpack containing more than 100 mods, so please be aware of that. The name of the modpack is still in the works, but as of now it's called "Xaskuenope - Trinity", I added "trinity" to it because the word itself means 3, and the 3 genres are included. SERVER IS NOW OPEN AND READY TO BE PLAYED ON, WE SPED THINGS UP BY SO MUCH THAT THE MODPACK IS COMPLETE AND SERVER IS UP! VISIT WWW.XASKUENOPE.ENJIN.COM/WHITELISTAPPLICATION TO GET STARTED!How would the server be?:It'll run strictly on survival, with nearly no blocked items, which means you can use most of the modpack items on the server. We will not have a creativity world or anything of the sorts. Server will contain basic rules, such as no griefing since we all want to keep our belongings on the server and it will be whitelisted, no hacking, meaning no force flying if it's not a modded item in-game or anything related. More information about the server rules will be mentioned below. Server will run version 1.7.10 as of now. The server will also not have all the fancy plugins that our semi-vanilla server has, so the only plugins we'll actually use on the modded server are these:- Essentials- Enjin- AutoRank- PermissionsEX- PermissionsEX Tab Colors- CoreProtec- WorldGuardTHAT IS A TOTAL OF 7 PLUGINSServer Rules:- There is no griefing, since there will be no protection plugin.- There is no suicidal messages, or threats.- There is no toleration for players using hacked clients.- Be respectful to all players on the server.- Report any bugs or faults belonging to the server or modpack.Modded Server Ranks:The server will only have 2 ranks, which will keep things simple.- You earn this by logging on the server for the first time after being accepted.- [Trusted] You earn this by gaining trust from the owner or staff members after playing on the server.- [Staff] You are only given this rank if the owner offers it to you, there is no applying for staff on the modded server. SERVER IS NOW OPEN AND READY TO BE PLAYED ON, WE SPED THINGS UP BY SO MUCH THAT THE MODPACK IS COMPLETE AND SERVER IS UP! VISIT WWW.XASKUENOPE.ENJIN.COM/WHITELISTAPPLICATION TO GET STARTED! Okay, okay calm down. We'll talk about the mods that will go into the modpack right below. Just please don't flip the table >.>MOD SUGGESTIONS ARE AVAILABLE, JUST COMMENT BELOW USING THE CORRECT FORMAT WHICH WILL BE MENTIONED BELOW THE MOD LIST!Server Mods:Tech:- Tinkers Construct- MC Heli- EnderIO- Project Red- Better Storage- Build Craft- Compact Machines- Defense Tech- Enhanced Portals- Extra TIC- Extra Utilities- Iron Chest- Jabba- Liquid XP- Malisis Doors- Mekanism- Minefactory Reloaded- MrCrayFish Furniture- Open Blocks- Open Eyes- qCraft- Random Things- Redstone Arsenal- Secret Rooms- Super Crafting Frame- Thermal Expansion- TiC Tool Tips- TMech Works- Torch LeversNature:- Biomes O' Plenty- Natura- Growth Craft- Archimedes Ships- Artifice- Bibliocraft- Bibliowoods (Biomes O Plenty, Natura)- Carpenter Blocks- Chisel 2- Dense Ores- Food Plus- Fossils Archeology Revival- Hamsterrific- Hats- Inventory Pets- Garden Stuff- Loot Bags- Pam's Harvest Craft- Statues- Tropic Craft- Not Enough Keys- Choco Craft- Backpacks- Headcrumbs- Hardcore Ender Expansion- - DecocraftMagic:- Thaumcraft (addons were installed)- Witchery- Necromancy- Blood MagicClient Side Mods:- Inventory Tweaks- NEI Addons- NEI Integration- Waila- Not Enough Items- Dynamic Lights- OptifineWant to suggest a mod that you think would be a good fit? Use the format below!Name:Reason:Link To Mod:_____________Come Beta Test The Modpack!I'm releasing the early versions of the modpack for players such as yourselves to help me find bugs, crashes, or problems in the pack. If you wish to become a beta tester, you must agree to send me information about the pack, such as how it runs and the bugs you encounter.How do I get the beta pack?:First, download Technic Launcher which will do all th dirty work of installing the modpack for you. First make sure you grab the right version for your operating system.Link:, once you downloaded and logged in with your Minecraft credintials, follow the link below to be redirected to our modpack download.Link: proceed to click on "Install This Modpack" which is located to the top right of the website, it will open a tab above showing a long link API, just click in the link and CTRL + A to highlight the link text then CTRL + C to copy the link.Thirdly, go to your Technic Launcher and paste the link into the search box above the official preinstalled modpacks that you see. Once you paste it and hit enter, our modpack will appear, all you have to do is hit "Install" and wait until it's done then click "Play"!WARNING: Make sure to add at least 2.5 GB of RAM to your Technic Launcher, by going into launcher options then clicking Java settings, then setting the RAM from 1 to 2.5 or more if possible. Click "X" and hit "Play"! Also, to let the world generate, be sure to lower your render distance to the lowest setting possible, and putting graphics on fast, and your framerate from VSYNC to UNLIMITED. This will make the world generate faster. SERVER WAS RELEASED, AND THE MODPACK IS ACTUALLY RELEASED IN ITS ENTIRETY, YOU CAN NOW PLAY ON THE SERVER. VISIT WWW.XASKUENOPE.ENJIN.COM/WHITELISTAPPLICATION TO GET STARTED!_____________This is an official thread created by the owner, server will launch in June with the release of the official release of the modpack, there will be a beta session for the pack before the final release. Guys, if you would like to join the whitelisted server, please submit an application at application We will send you the server IP and add you to the whitelist once accepted!