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Found 64 results

  1. I got a new PC with Windows 10, Downloaded Technic Launcher, Then I downloaded Tekkit Classic, Then I press play then it loads Minecraft Assets and then just goes onto the Launcher again. I have uninstalled Java 8 and went to Java 7 Then I went back to Java 8, I have uninstalled Technic Launcher 5 times, I have uninstalled Tekkit Classic loads of times??? Is there any help it will be appreciated
  2. Hey, I have a modpack, Ive had it for a little while, and I know that the trending modpack system works in a way such that if a modpack gets a lot of downloads then it will be there. Is it possible for my pack to get on the trending list even if its been out for 3 weeks and only has 1000 downloads? I really want it to get there so that it can expand and grow because I have a server that goes with it. If this is possible, how would I do it? Do I just need more downloads? Im really confused how the trending pack system works, it seems as if only newly added packs can become trending, is this true?
  3. it worked perfectly until i uninstalled optifine and then i couldnt start it up so i tried to reinstall it 12 times but it wouldnt install any of mods it wouldnt start up either please help my modpack is called terrafirmacraft extraz
  4. Hello, I am new to Modding, but I used to code plugins so sorry if I made a simple mistake. I made a custom modpack for me and my friends to play privately, I made a Modpack.rar Folder and inside that folder is two sub-folders. "bin" and "mods". "bin" with all my core files and a modpack.jar, and inside of "mods" I have all my mods. I uploaded my Modpack.rar to Dropbox and uploaded the Dropbox link to Technic as a new modpack. Everything downloads from Technic, but when I press play, it shows the "Mojang" screen, then closes. Can someone please look through my Modpack.rar folder and tell me the mistakes I need to correct? By the way all these mods are compatible and work with just Minecraft Forge. The Technic Console of when I try to launch is available, just ask, Thank you. *Dropbox Link*
  5. Hi, i just got the technic launcher like yesterday, and i was wondering if it runs single mods. If you guys can tell me if you can/how to do it, or how to add mods to a modpack, that would be great. Thanks!
  6. I can't get any modpacks open. The launcher will load the pack, close and then reopen the launcher. I have 64 bit java, what should I do? I will post the logs on pastebin and leave a link Pastebin:
  7. Whenever I try to open any modpack, including original technic modpacks, it begins installing the assets. Then the launcher closes and immediately reopens to the same page, though the installing assets bar has disappeared. How can I fix this?
  8. My Technic Launcher won't launch any of my modpacks, including Vanilla, I have installed the NVIDIA Hotfix, I have the correct Java version but everytime I click "play" it loads minecraft assets then the launcher flashes and nothing happens. Please help ;( Logs: DxDiag: PS: In my Java settings in the launcher, I set my memory to 3GB. There are also 0 crash reports or errors. I have reinstalled everything to no avail.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to start playing Tekkit & Hexxit again, so I dug up the technic launcher and installed both modpacks. Everything is the latest version, so that shouldn't be the problem... The problem is, everytime I try to open one of those Modpacks the launcher hits "installing minecraft assets" and then just resets... It closes itself for a second and comes back up, leaving me in the modpacks section as if I didn't try to play something... I've reinstalled the technic launcher, the Modpacks and Minecraft completely serveral times, updated Java usually and tried to run the launcher as an admin, nothing seems to work... Does anyone know what to do? Thanks in advance, Neroy
  10. Is there a modpack which combines tekkit classic and voltz?
  11. Ok, so I have followed the instructions for a manual install of this modpack. On my first attempt to launch the game it simply re-launched the technic launcher instead of launching minecraft. I thought to myself... maybe if I delete the technic launcher data and the mod data and start all over again it would work. Who knows, maybe I did it wrong. So I did just that. Then the second time... same thing happened. I re-downloaded my 64bit version of java to be certain.. nothing changed. So even still every time I attempt to click the "play" button on the modpack's part of the launcher I get the same issue. The game does not launch and the launcher restarts. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Emeraldearth UPDATE: ALL MODPACKS ARE NOT LAUNCHING. LAUNCHER RESTARTS ON PLAY. RE-UPDATE: MINECRAFT DOES NOT IN NATIVE LAUNCHER. (Will attempt a full reset)
  12. Hi, i write here to ask you if you know something about the slow download i get right now. I tried to install a new modpack (an old one, exactly, Hexxit) and 10min later the download was still 0%. Then i redownloaded the technic launcher, to see if reinstalling the whole thing would repair everything, but i waited like 5min for the .exe to arrive. Right now, it downloads the files, but almost 1 hour later, i'm still at 54% !!! I've got a huge connexion, everything else is working fine (except Youtube which is a little bit too much ddos attacked these days), so i'm kind of confuse and wanna know if the problem comes from Technic or me. Thanks for the help. A french user.
  13. I have had this problem for a while now. I have the latest Java 8, I was playing on this modpack the other and now it just doesnt work. Here is a past bin of my log from launching Please help if you need any more info please say.
  14. Hi, I downloaded technic launcher to play Counter craft. But when I installed the modpack play button doesn't appear. I tried to reinstall the modpack or delete and reinstall the launcher but still nothing. I have only "Delete pack" button and "install" button. Please help!!!
  15. I just made a mod pack went to play it. It downloaded and I hit play. Technic closed but instead of opening Minecraft it reopens Technic. Help? Link to my mod pack: The link I'm using: Help ASAP would be much appreciated
  16. SOOOOO My problem is that when I try to open any (all modpacks i have tested) It starts loading in then the whole technic launcher just colses and then it opens another one. The first day i installed I had varius problems with the launcher but I managed to fx them all through a few minutes of googling. I did get to use the modpacks but after playing an other game i couldnt open any of the modpacks, i could dowload them but not play them. So I wondered if anyone would take a look at my Sorry for any spellig erros and for potentaly waisting Your time on a simple fix And thank you
  17. I hope this the correct place to post this. Running a modpack using Technic Solder is very time consuming as I am sure you all who use Solder will agree. Both myself and the rest of the Wirenut team were becoming frustrated with the time it takes to update over 100 mods. So I decided to create a fully open source compiler which will do the zipping part automatically. It can be found at The current features consist of: Browsing to a folder containing jar files Selecting the save location for all zips Zipping the jar files based on data and prompting for missing info Zipping the jar files based on mod jar file name Update checker The features coming soon are: Remembering last used source and save folders This is in very early beta and more features will come soon. I hope you all enjoy, I will be happy to answer any questions.
  18. Hey I am trying to make a server pack for my one piece mod pack but when i connect to the server the client will crash in 60 seconds or less These are the logs of when I crash [05:31:30 INFO]: [email protected][id=<null>,name=Trafalgar_DLaw,properties={},legacy=false] (/ lost connection: Disconnected [05:31:53 INFO]: GroupManager - INFO - Data files refreshed. [05:37:05 INFO]: UUID of player Trafalgar_DLaw is df69e261-3f13-4534-b851-10255adc8238 [05:37:05 INFO]: Client protocol version 2 [05:37:05 INFO]: Client attempting to join with 22 mods : [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] v1.7.1,[email protected] [05:37:05 INFO]: Attempting connection with missing mods [] at CLIENT [05:37:06 INFO]: [Server thread] Server side modded connection established [05:37:06 INFO]: Trafalgar_DLaw[/] logged in with entity id 195 at ([world] 82.82436367198481, 81.0, 348.30000001192093) [05:37:44 INFO]: Trafalgar_DLaw lost connection: Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host [05:37:44 INFO]: Trafalgar_DLaw left the game. Why does this keep happening How can I make an actual good way of turning my client mods into a server pack
  19. I'm looking for a good modpack i can play. I really want to have a modpack with a story or with a questbook. A few weeks ago i played blightfall and i really enjoyed it. I want to play a new modpack similar to blighttown, but it should be more technic focused, so more machines and technology and less magic and exploring. Any suggestions or recommended packs? P.S. I really like Modpacks like Tekkit Classic Okaghana
  20. As the title says, when I try to open the Technic Launcher for the first time it just hangs on the "Downloading Launcher Asset: Open Sans+... 0%" screen. I have tried rebooting my PC and reinstalled the software, and nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas? Specs: Nvidia GTX 970 Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 16GB Ram Latest Java 64-bit
  21. i'm having trouble connecting to technic servers its saying "an error occured while attempting to reach"
  22. launcher

    Can't log in, it says I have invalid credentials. It might be because I migrated my account. I've read it says I should try to give it permission from my anti-virus but I don't know!
  23. Hi Whenever I try to launch a modpack through the Technic Launcher or just launch Minecraft by itself directly downloaded from the website and clean installed I get nothing. No game launch, no modpack launch, absolutely nothing. I've tried different clean install versions of java to no avail, anybody seen a similar problem and hopefully a fix? Specs; Win 10 Home 64bit R9 390X 8350FX 32gb of ram Log is from a clean install first time run attempt of a modpack.
  24. Launcher bug Happens 10/10 times, cannot play any packs, expected result: modpack should load observed result: launcher disappears and then instead of the pack loading as expected the launcher reappears Have uninstalled and reinstalled the technic launcher, have latest version of Java and am running 64 bit java. Attached is the log for a crash Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated techniclauncher_2016-10-18.log