Someone had offered to help me, but has since not been around. As such, I am looking for someone that is willing to build a modpack for me to run on the technic launcher and instruct me in the creation of a local private server.    Yes, I realize this may be allot to ask of someone, however, if someone is able to build a stable working pack with what I want, and help me get a server up and running with the corresponding mods on it, there may be reward in it for them (unless it takes flipping forever to make the pack), if they accept such things.    Honestly, I have posted threads on multiple sites asking for help and have received less than helpful comments, so let me make this simple.   1: I have NO idea how to build a pack because ever time I try, it fails horribly. 2: I don't want to learn how to build a mod, work with java, or download any programs so as to code anything. 3: I would like to learn how to assemble a modpack (not a mod itself),  but that would be at the discretion of whoever decides to actually help me, IF anyone can see fit to do so. 4: I am only doing this so I can spend some time with my nephew. Since I moved away from home, he and I don't get to game like we used to, and we both kinda miss it. 5: I will likely need actual skype/ts3/ventrilo/raidcall help to set up the server.   If you are the kind of person that thinks you can help a clueless gamer reconnect with his nephew by way of gaming on a nicely modded minecraft client/server, please feel free and send me a private message.   Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help.