[0.6.5]Five Kingdoms [PvE] [222 slots] [No Whitelist] [iConomy, Towny, GP, Bungee, 5kOutpost] [Dimensional Doors removed] [No Lag] [Fun]

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  • No cheating.
  • No exploiting.
  • No griefing/stealing.
  • No use of hacked clients.
  • No advertising for other servers.
  • No cussing including in private chat.
  • 25 Igneous Extruders max per player.
  • Abuse of commands (nickname, teleport, etc) will result in jail or mute.
  • Using nicknames to impersonate staff, players, or ranks may result in mute, jail, removal of commands, or other.
  • Chunk loaders that are purchased are the only chunk loaders allowed.
  • Molecular Assembly Chamber (MAC) max size 12x12x12 or 1728 total blocks per player
  • Respect both the staff and your fellow players.
  • No AFK machines are allowed.
  • Operators of Five Kingdoms reserve the right to make unannounced changes to these rules at any time.
  • 4 quarries on mineral server and no chunk loading.
  • Respect others' space and don't build within 25 Minecraft blocks of another build.


  • Bag of Holding
  • Dimensional Doors Mod
  • Assembler
  • Filler
  • Shoulder Mounted Piston
  • Mystcraft Mod
  • Terraformer
  • Quarry
  • Mining Well
  • CF Sprayer
  • Turtles
  • Builder/Template/Arch. Table
  • BluePrint
  • REP
  • Unifier
  • Non-donation Chunkloaders
  • Liquicrafter
  • Miner
  • Steves Carts Drills
  • Block Cutter for force field
  • ALL Explosives
  • Vibration Catalyst
  • Entropy Accelerator

MAJOR PLUGINS:  iConomy, GriefPrevention, Towny, 5KOutpost, BungeeCord, Lift, Skript, RandomTP

DESCRIPTION:  Five Kingdoms Tekkit Lite is a long-standing community run by passionate individuals. We're committed to a professional, friendly, lag free server with lots of fun options and gameplay.  Join one of Five Kingdoms for different perks, options and upgrade your rank as you see fit.  Our mineral server offers you a chance at dense ores and quarrying - and our shop offers you a chance at the economy!  Lots to do, join us today! We offer competitions with prizes, perks, karaoke, mini-games and more!


OUR COMMUNITY: We currently feature a vibrant community of all ages, with over a hundred active players worldwide. We cater to both individual players and groups, and offer you three build servers to choose from.  Each server's inventory and economy is connected, so that you may change your gameplay as desired.  Our staff is friendly, fair and well-trained.  Our website is dynamic and updated regularly.

WHITELIST: No whitelist!

See our server spawns below:  We Feature a Hub Server with 5 Kingdom Mini-Spawns, and three build servers with:  Sky, Magic, Tech, Steam and Republic spawns.  Our build team continually refines their skills, creating fun and interesting spawns for you to enjoy!




COME AND JOIN Five Kingdoms Today!!!!!! 

Edited by FiveKingdomsTL
Updated colors, etc. for dark background.

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They're hosting an easter egg hunt on the 5th :D I'm uber eggcited. See what I did there? I want to crawl in a hole now for using such a corny pun X_X But seriously, I want me an HV >=)

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My daughter was born on the first guys! Hence the reason I haven't been very active these past few days can't wait to get back with everyone! :)

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I have been on this server for a little while and i have yet to be disappointed, this server has so much to offer from their five kingdoms to there 7 worlds! I think that this server will continue to amaze!  

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Easter egg hunt? You mean this server actually does stuff for holidays? Thats so cool! Cant wait!

Yeah they do tons of stuff for the holidays--whether it's Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, St. Patricks day, there's always cool activities and events going on. :)

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I listened in on the Karaoke competition in the TeamSpeak yesterday. Quite neat that they do activities out of MineCraft as well. Apparently it happens every week. Might sing next week, would be neat to win some of the prizes in game for it :)

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Finally finished making my powertool, it's got efficiency V and fortune III :D -- It digs quite fast, almost too fast for neat work lol.

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I ended up missing the easter egg hunt :( I heard some of the staff put them in really inventive places

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Efficiency on a power tool is op as hell, it can make easy work for mining large areas :)

​The cool thing about it is if you do need to do some neat work, you can just use a Tinker Table to turn down the overclock on the pickaxe. :)

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Man this server is its big but the staff still find time for each and everyone of us. Best Tekkit Lite server I've played on in some time (and I've played a lot!)

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Wow, I can't believe i am now a part of this great family! I am happy to be welcomed as a new part of it, and the others like turtle, and diver. I have been with this tekkit lite server since October of 2014! Glad to be here :)

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I'm always surprised tps is always at 20, I compulsively check it when I'm running tons of things expecting to see 10-15, but nope its always at 20.

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