INACTIVE [1.7.10] [NO Whitelist]The Way Too Much Tech Pack, PVE, 10 SLOTS, Friendly

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The Way Too Much Tech Pack is now looking for players!

Like tech mods? Wish one server had a big pile of them?

Is the focus of your game building and automating, making Rube Goldburg style contraptions?

Like pipes and wire?

This is the modpack for you. 

**Now features FTB Utilities, with a very simple land claim system and other perks** to install. Or just search for The Way Too Much Tech Pack.

This is a NON-whitelisted server, intended for mature players who are interested in a casual game focused on building.  It is located in MA, USA. 

Standard common sense rules:

1) No griefing / No PVP

2) No stealing

3) No begging for resources

4) No spamming chat with nonsense

5) Don't build near other players without permission

6) Keep chat clean, no hate speech, political ranting

7) Report bugs, I am using the latest builds on most mods, so expect some bugs. 

8) Chunkloaders are OK, but don't go nuts with them. If what you are doing is lagging everyone, find another way to do it. 



Not Enough Items
Extra Utilities
BuildCraft 7
Thermal Foundation
Thermal Expansion
Big Reactors
Biomes O' Plenty
Carpenter's Blocks
Dimensional Anchors
MineFactory Reloaded

Tinkers' Construct


Extra Cells

Nether Ores

Open Blocks 

Pam's HarvestCraft
Random Things
Thermal Dynamics
Tinkers’ Mechworks
Iguana Tinker Tweaks

Open Computers

Draconic Evolution


NO whitelist anymore, just join, have fun building. 


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Age : 17

Minecraft Name : Terminator1299

I am looking for a small, fresh server in which I can just chill and build on :-)

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Age: 14

Minecraft Name: StackSmasher101

What kind of server are you looking for?: Just a small server with a good community that's kind to each other.

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Ok, you are whitelisted. Welcome! 

Still tweaking things, if you don't spawn inside a small building do /spawn and you will teleport there. 

Please note this modepack has Tinkers Construct with Iguanas Tweaks, vanilla tools are disabled, and I removed mekanism paxels. 


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Age: 13

Minecraft Name: tubsy79

What kind of server are you looking for?: A good modded server with a small community that isn't full of people trying to screw me over.

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Age: 16

Minecraft Name: DavidGilmour

What kind of server are you looking for?: Just a small one. Maybe with a couple of people, 10 is alright.


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The server isn't working for me :(

It is says i'm not whitelisted.

Edited by Jared Herrera

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I seem to have trouble installing the mod pack. The pack is never able to fully install itself when I run it, any way I can fix this?

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I removed McMyAdmin, it has poor Forge support, and i was getting confused about what features do and don't work. I'll see what version 3 has to offer when it's released. 

Server back up. 

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Never mind, I fixed it. I'm able to join the server.

Edited by IceMaster

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Age: 19

Minecraft Name: HellBullet

What kind of server are you looking for?: I'm looking for a small server populated by friendly people

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Just a reminder that this pack includes Tinker's Construct with Iguana's Tweaks. That means vanilla tools will not work. If you are not familiar with Tinkers, I highly recommend an instructional video, such as this one:

You can build really powerful tools that you will use the entire game.

** one more quick note: I've made the Blood Moon an incredibly rare event. This pack is more about building than fighting waves of mobs. 

Edited by AetherPirate

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Updated Buildcraft to v.7, Mekanism bug fix update, added IC2. Now there are even more machines that do the same thing :)

* I have not disabled nukes in IC2, I will be adding a world where you can test such Weapons of Mass Destruction. till then, try and restrain yourselves *

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Age: 18

Minecraft Name: Newt_of_Stone

What kind of server are you looking for?: Small server with an active and friendly community. The opportunity to use modifications I am familiar with such as Thermal Expansion and MFR with ones I am unfamiliar with like Minechem and Ancient Warfare.

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You are whitelisted. Welcome to the server, it's a small but friendly place. If you need help with Tinkers Construct I'll help you get started. Or ask StackSmasher, he is often online. 

I've been getting started with Ancient Warfare, feel free to check out my base near spawn. 


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Server down for maintenance.


Back up!




Also added 4space and Open Computers.




Edited by AetherPirate
Gonna take a bit longer.

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      Address included in modpack. 
      Sphax recommended:
      No ads, no begging for donors, votes, other crap. 
      Features RotaryCraft, ReatorCraft, Electricraft
      Now on Discord
      This is a strictly PVE server, no PvP at all. Enjoy building all the big tech toys in a safe place. McHeli has been added for some extra fun. 
      MOD LIST
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      Advanced Genetics
      AE2 Stuff
      Ancient Warfare
      Archimedes Ships +
      Carpenters Blocks
      Dimensional Anchor
      Discord Chat
      Enchanting Plus
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      Extra Utilities
      FTB Utilities
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      Immersive Engineering
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      Thermal Dynamics
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