[1.1.1]DeVco Tekkit Legends[PvP/PvE][50 Slots]

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IGN: Blazing_Bomb

My rating is based on what I've seen so far. So far this server has been great the staff members online have answers my questions and I hadn't had any lag so far so everything has been great! :D

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IGN: enderweasel

one of the best modded servers i've played on. definitely my new home for survival play throughs of ATL packs.

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IGN: the_01xboxer

Friendly and professional staff,
Fast ticket response time,
Friendly Community,

Only con: A little bit of lag sometime but nothing too serious.

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IGN: EIlen

It's been years I have been playing on DevCo's servers, from my own experiences the staffs here are usually quick to respond, and there is almost always at least 1 staff here to help you even at 5AM. There is very few banned items, you can definitely tell they had put in a lot of efforts to keep the banned item list small.

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IGN: jonathan9876

I'll be honest... I was tempted just to say: Good server, YAY! No, thats not the point in this server review gist, right? One time, a player (forgot his name/IGN) came to me in open arms and said,"Hi, how you doing...." Now this was the second time I joined the server... and that day I was having a bad day, but he lifted up my spirits. After a month he helped me a ton! And it was great, but then on my part I left the server for two months and eventually left him. So this first part explains in one way that the community is made of some really good people. Besides that, lets actually talk about the server and not the community. The server in 4 words is well formulated and fun. This server I got to say.. is one of my favorite servers on Tekkit of All Time. It has, one, a good concept, two, a good community. That's basically what makes up an average minecraft server. Well thats the plot twist. This server isn't an average minecraft server! No, it is an aspiring and fun minecraft server, not an average one.

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      I can't get in to my game because when I'm trying to open my world I see my hot bar and then the game crashes. It crashed the first time when I went on my Archimedes ship mod ship and it was attached to a bridge that was attached to the land. Here's the crash report: 
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      Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone.
      Do not grief others, verbally or physically.
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