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There's no doubt that Minecraft has become more than simply a game, it's practically a cultural phenomenon at this point. Everybody's played Minecraft, and everybody's bored of it. That's why there's hundreds of thousands of modpacks, unique server experiences, and other additions to Minecraft that people have made in an effort to completely overhaul the game. Simply Minecraft isn't any of those. It's been designed with the belief that vanilla Minecraft isn't inherently flawed or boring, after all, it's where all of us started. 

Instead Simply Minecraft takes the vanilla game and refines it in many ways to create a more cohesive and enjoyable experience from top to bottom. No longer is the game ugly, we've applied some clever effects that make your world that much more beautiful and immersive without murdering your computer, while still staying true to the default aesthetic. No longer is there a lack of content either, we've included mods both traditional and fresh, all of them respectful of the vanilla game's mechanics and configured to be as nonintrusive as possible.

With a classy new look that's stunning yet familiar, dozens of hours of high quality content, and all manner of quality of life tweaks and additions, this is the best way to experience Minecraft as it was meant to be. Forget the automated factory systems and nuclear reactors, take a break from modded Minecraft as you know it. There's no more intricate quests or clutter like WAILA or health bars getting in the way of you and the game. That's because this isn't a modpack, it's Simply Minecraft.



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    • By ljjmrlion
      We are a server with a small community, and a pack that includes all
      your favorite mods and more while still being optimized! It can be found on the Technic Launcher named "Eggplant Equilibrium" and the IP
      We also have a discord server and a modlist if you're the kind of person who wants to see that first~
      The server runs on with 8GB of ram on a solid state drive and has an up-time of about 98%.
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    • By zbug100
      Hello everybody,
      I have been trying to set up a modpack for me and a few friends and in doing so, have come into a plethora of problems. The latest of which being that my modpack will load into 1.7.10 Vanilla minecraft, where as I need it to load into Forge 1.7.10 for it to be a modpack.
      Link to my modpack:
      I don't know how I can fix the issue, and all I know is that it doesn't work. Help would be gladly appreciated and if you need any more info I'll be straight to it!
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      I am trying to create a 1.7.10 modpack.  I have my mods correctly in the folder, and even tested it on my minecraft.  However, when I open it on tekkit (pack name is madryde) it just opens vanilla.  I have tried to watch multiple videos to solve this, but to no avail.  Here is the dropbox link: (changed to one on the real thing).  I have no idea what the problem is can someone please help me out?
    • By Tfar
      Exactly as the title states, my modpack loads in Vanilla.  I've narrowed down the problem, but have no idea how to fix it or why it's happening.    
       Technic download info:   
      NAME: Airship Warfare 
      PICTURE: cow  
      Dropbox Download:  
      Better FPS 
      The Spice of Life 
      Inventory Tweaks 
      The Issue - and the *fix*
      1. The Modpack loads in vanilla
      2. I look in the folder for the modpack (Located in a file called Tech-10-Lite)
      3. I delete 'modpack.jar' and replace it with forge 953 ( - I do this because modpack.jar and minecraft.jar are the same size (perhaps they are the same?)
      4. Load up game - it works!  17 mods loaded
      This is odd, because the zip file has forge 953 ( in the bin renamed modpack.jar 
      Thanks for any help!
    • By Sigorth
      When playing vanilla minecraft through vanilla launcher, i get an avarage of 90fps with all settings maxed out and 22 chunks render distance. That's even when i haven't allocated any extra ram to it (so its at like 800mb or something). 
      I think that it is safe to say that my gaming rig handles minecraft decently. It's only a budget gaming rig, but i am happy with it as it gives me 40+fps on games like the witcher 3. 
      Well here comes the problem:
      I want to play modded minecraft, and i liked tekkit and lapito's galacticraft modpack. I installed them and when i run tekkit, i recieve only 20fps. I thought that maybe all the mods was too intesive on my cpu, but i kept looking into it.. just running vanilla minecraft through the tekkit launcher only gives me 40fps and thats unstable as well, meaning i will sometimes see drops to 20fps. I have tried turning down the settings, allocating more ram. I feel like i have tried everything, but i cant seem to get the fps up. I think that my computer will be able to run the game with mods without lag, but maybe since its running java 64 bit it's being unstable? I tried running it through 32 bit, but then the game crashes and tells me i need to allocate more ram (the max is 1gb through 32gig java which i already allocated to it). 
      I can turn down all my settings to barely playable and still have low fps, it doesn't seem to make any improvements at all. Even when in the vanilla game through the technic launcher.
      Here are my specs:
      -Amd athlon 4x 845 quad core 3,5ghz processor
      -Ati rx 460 saphire 4gb video card
      -8gb ram
      -240gb ssd (dont know if this is necessary information)
      -Windows 10 64bit
      I hope there is someone out there that can help me. 
      Btw, i have done these things already:
      1. Tried to add the java.exe file in the modpack to the radeon settings so that it would be optimized, but this doesnt work.
      2. I have allocated more ram (everything from 1gb to 6gb)
      3. I have updated video card drivers
      4. I have the newest versions of both 32 and 64bit java
      Its worth mentioning that it looks like its the cpu that makes the fps drop. Its at 80-90% when running minecraft (both vanilla and modpacks) and 30-40% when running vanilla on vanilla launcher. The memory seems to be fairly stable at 1-2gb ram with modpack.