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[0.6.5] New Small Community Server [PvE/PvP] [38 slots] [Whitelist] [Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors disabled] [Few plugins]

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Minecraft Username: Slish

Skype (not necessary but preferred): Kanye.-.east

Why do you want to join?: Looking for another server to play on.

What aspects will you bring to the server?: I've put a lot of hours into tekkit lite and I plan on playing a decent amount

How often can you play and timezone: An hour or two every other day

Anything else?: 19 years old, easy to get along with. 

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Not sure if you're still accepting but 

Minecraft Username: LunarWolfMC

Skype (not necessary but preferred): strormo135

Why do you want to join?: Been looking for a good Tekkit Lite servers for days. First tried doing singleplayer and got bored with no community. Multiplayer public servers failed me with resetting often and such.

What aspects will you bring to the server?: I'd be on often and talk to members online at the times I'm online

How often can you play and timezone: I can be on pretty often considering it's Summer now, and Eastern Standard Time

Anything else?: Generally prefer working on my own but I am very talkative to communities and such.

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MC username : hayden1232

skype: will give if needed later on

Why do you want to join: Just cos i have been looking for a server for quite a while

What aspects will you bring to the server: I'll be online a lot,help someone 

How often can you play and timezone: I can play alot,it's the summer vacation, no idea what my timezone is :)

Anything else? I like helping people if i can,but since i forgot most of the stuff,i gotta get back on track myself

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    • By FriendlySurvival
      This is a channel displaying me as a DeafBlind individual playing online games (currently Minecraft)! I of course have a server where I run to do this on. Anyone is of course more than welcome to read more about it over at 
      Here is the latest video! 
    • By JustTrash
      I don't quite know what to write, but I'll give you a quick rundown of the server.
      What is our server? Let me tell you, we like to consider the server semi-rp, what do I mean by that? Well, we like to promote a team/solo based interpersonal world. Create communities, meet new people and maybe even wage war ;).
      We like to keep things free an open, we don't like restrictions, so you can expect looser ban lists, less plugins, less lag.
      What plugins? Plugins on our server consist of;
      - Essentials : The essentials!
      - GroupManager : To manage the groups!
      - GriefPrevention : To keep your builds as safe as you can! (/siege enabled!)
      - Buycraft : To benefit our benefactor.
      What can I be expecting from the modpack? Fun and enjoyable mods, explosives, armour, weapons, tools, quarries, magic, a mod for every person, A tool for every miner, A sword for every warrior. Our pack can be downloaded at this link:
      How do I join? Our server IP is, and yes, the server IP is kind of strange, we do like to focus on our builds and stuff, but our community is definitely one to promote jokes. The server is whitelisted, we like to make sure members of our community are people who we feel can understand and appreciate our rules and such. To apply for the server, you can join our discord:! All you have to do is confirm you understand our rules, and state why you wish to join!
      Speaking of rules... On our server, our rules are pretty simple;
      No cheating.
      No glitches.
      Also, we do not want players exploiting plugins, nor bypassing griefprevention. As you can see, we really don't want players to be restricted by any means! Our banned items also put into action this same argument, as of now, our only banned items being Watch of flowing time (ProjectE) and Dark Matter Pedestal (ProjectE). 
      Hopefully you have taken interest in the server and community and apply! I have decided not to attach any pictures, but rather leave it a surprise for the people who join.
      Thanks, see you soon!
    • By JustLisa
      ☣ Only Tekkit legends server on the CZ scene ! ☣
      [CZ] [EN] [SK]
      We are a server that builds on classic gameplay. Nothing is forbidden, the rules are only: respect other players. 
      if this ip does not work, type this:
      • 100 slots
      • Survival
      • VIP 
      • Kits 
      • MobArena
      • Residence 
      • Jobs
      • Portals
      • You can earn player heads for killing!
      • And more!
    • By ffox1215
      Animal Realm is a modded open server which is in a 100% animal themed survival world, where you can tame most animals and build your own zoo, aquarium,  theme park, anything you so desire. Animal Realm is in need of animal lovers and friendly players.
      Now, consider taking a look at the features and see what we have to offer.
      -a lot of animals (animals from vanilla and two mods, and most of them are tamable)
      - animals only (no zombies, skeletons, slimes etc.)
      - expanded fishing system (great way to relax and earn money)
      - server runs smoothly (clear lag and restrict lag causing items)
      - server online 24/7 (restart every 12 hours)
      - server stability (hosted in North America and already paid for a year)
      - no plan for future reset (keep what you build and world border will expand on demand)
      - NPC shops (getting you materials and items for your buildings)
      - land claim and anti-grief features (land claims increase with play time and home setting)
      - list of basic commands (general ones such as messages, tp and warping)
      - no donation shop, just donation (all in-game features immediately avalible, no tier, p2w)
      - community driven and events (community warp point, customized painting base on voting)

      Mod list:
      Simple Rules:
      - Respect others.
      - Be nice.
      - Don't flame or troll.
      - Cheating is not allowed.

      Discord:  (learn how to join our server at #instruction)

      If you would like to join us, please make sure to join us on Discord first. Everything related to the server and the community will be on there. 
      Feel free to ask any questions here or on Discord. 

      See you around in the Animal Realm!