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big dig
BIg Dig Texture Pack

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I am looking for the Big Dig patch for Sphax. I am hoping for a x32 version. ANy help will be gladly welcome because I have looked everywhere and found nothing.

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    • By popperprincess6
      I'm trying to change the window title of my modpack, right now it reads 'Minecraft 1.7.10'.
      I want a custom one, similar to the Tekkit Classic one.
      Any help? I have no idea to go about this.

      I can post a modlist if needed.
    • By redwhat1234
      Precursor: I already know about adding a 1 to Dropbox Links, I have tried that, however, Direct Serve Links seem to be having issues, including my own personal FTP server, which is run off of IIS 7.0, I already configured all of the mime-types and handler mappings, as I have been using my own custom launcher, however, everyone seems to think that any file that's not technic is a virus of some form. So, I'm coming back to this. I can attach logs, from the Launcher, and my IIS FTP Failed Request Tracing W3SVC1 Logs.

      Pack name: Galactic Traverse[GS]
      Personal Website: Click
      Minecraft Website Extension: Click
      If you would like to directly contact me, this is my discord channel code: xmkhATT 
    • By phiemand
      first sorry for my bad english 
      i have maked a custom modpack but i can't play it.
      if i start the modpack then get i a error: some mods are missing mods they depends on
      just enough items, wants forge
      refined storage, wants forge
      and tinkers construction wants forge
      and yeah i have download the specivic version forge and also the newest one

    • By MrTacoSocks
      I have created a modpack and the download of the Modpack works. Whenever I go to launch the modpack it loads none of my mods and is just vanilla minecraft. All help is appreciated.
    • By theclone02
      I would like someone to make a 1.7.10 modpack with the following mods
            Applied Energistics 2         Ars magica 2         Backpack         Biblio Woods        Bibliocraft         Big Reactors         Biomes O Plenty         Blood Magic        Botania         Buildcraft         Carpenters Blocks         Chicken Chunks         Chisel         Computer Craft         Ender Io         Ender Storage         Extra Tic         Extra Utilities         Factorization         Forestry         Growcraft         Ic2         Ichun Util         Inv Tweaks         Iron Chest         Logistics Pipes         Magical Crops         Mekanism         Mekanism Generators         Mekanism Tools     metallurgy 4          Morph         Natura        Nei         Nether Ores         Open Blocks         Open Computers         Open Mods         Open Peripheral         Opis         Optifine         Pam’s Harvest Craft         Project Red         Railcraft         Simply Jetpacks         Sync           Thaumcraft       Thaumic Expansion       Thaumic Tinkerer       Thermal Dynamics       Thermal Expansion       Thermal Foundation           Tinker's Construct        Tinkers' Mechworks          Tree Capitator          Twilight Fores         Waila       Witchery