[1.7.10]XLN -X-Magicka[PvP - Raid][ANARCHY][NO CLAIMS][50 Slot][-X-Magicka Modpack]

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NOTE: We are no longer using the previous modpack, we have since created our own. Please download and join us! Give us a like and follow if you want! :)

Modpack Page:

Server IP:

Server Rules:

  • Do not disrespect staff based on their job. (You may insult all you want if it's gameplay related, this is an Anarchy server after all.)
    • If you have a formal complaint, bring it to Management directly.
  • English Only in Global Chat
    • If you cannot speak English, please speak in private message.
  • NO Excessive Spam/Character Spam/Excessive Caps
    • Excessive Spam - Constantly repeating messages or phrases. (HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!)
    • Character Spam - Repeating multiple letters or scrambled variants. (asdfgasdlgja or Nooooooooo!)
    • Excessive Caps - Repeating capitalized letters in sentences and words. (OMG WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN! or NOOOOOO!)
  • NO Advertising any modpacks or servers unrelated to X Legends Network. Doing so results in an immediate ban.
    • If you have a suggestion for a modpack that we should create a server for, let the staff know directly. Do not post in global chat ever.


I created this server because I enjoyed the modpack, and didn't enjoy that my multiplayer experience with this modpack was lacking. There is an official server, but it can be touchy, and lacks support. This server is openly available to all players, and we do what we can to solve the issues brought to us, as soon as possible. So if you like Magic, Mayhem, Quests, World Events, etc, we're in the works every day, building up this server a little bit more. We'd love to have you join us and watch the server grow!


Expected Uptime:

Nearly 24/7
As stated, the server is still being worked on, but so far the only downtime we've had was for major changes taking no longer than 30 minutes, and a simple restart that runs now and then (lasting only a few minutes.)



We're looking for players who have NO knowledge of what they are doing, and players who know EVERYTHING about these mods. Players who believe in having a strong community over a wide variety of modpacks and networks. It's the life-blood of Minecraft, and all the mods/plugins that come with it! We aim to keep our players interested and entertained, and keeping the environment clear of immoral players (dupers, cheaters, hackers, generally unpleasant) and generally clean.



This server currently has no whitelist or greylist. It has an open rank system with faction based rank-ups. Meaning you can join a faction at the lowest rank, and the rank-ups from that point will reward you with new and exciting kits, varying depending on which faction you chose when you started.


Hopefully you're excited to see what we may have to offer you! Come join us!




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    • By ImpDude
      Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/atomic-aether 
      This is a pure survival server. Work together or kill each other, the choice is yours. Our world centers around a central hub with portals to many dimensions already there for you. Protect your base with ftbutils mod. The overworld has been pre-generated a bit to reduce lag, and there is no world border so feel free to explore. There are no teleport commands. Server is hosted on a spare computer in basement, so someone is usually around to fix any downtime.
      Server IP: 
      Server Rules: 1 Griefing and PvP are allowed just not on other players claims.  
      2 No redstone, or other devices that cause network lag and major frame rate drops.  
      3 No xraying or other cheating mods.  
      4 Claims and rftools dimensions will be removed if you're not seen in here for a while.  
      5 Don't surround other claims with your own or claim any portals around the spawn.  
      Banned Items: (Subject to change!) 
      Additional Pipes: Chunk Loader
      Advent of Ascension: All portals (We have a portal hub.), Ancient Teleporter Blueprint, Runandor Blueprint 
      DivineRPG: Arcana Portal, SnowGlobe, Twilight Clock 
      Extra Utilities: Dark Portal, Last Millennium Portal 
      JABBA: Dolly, Diamond Dolly 
      Lycanites Mobs: Demonic SoulCube 
      Minecraft: Nether Portal (We have a portal hub.) 
      MineFactoryReloaded: Chunk Loader, Plastic Bag, Sacred Rubber Sapling 
      Thaumcraft: Excavation wand, Portable Hole wand 
      Witchery: Poppet Shelf
      UpTime: As 24/7 as can be, with daily backup and restart.
    • By Trexroufish
      Hello everyone I hope your day is going well. I am the owner of Hypnomagic and me and my team have been working on this server that will be going Public on the 17th of March this Friday. Everyone who joins the first week and meets an admin will receive a Week One Rank which will consist of some goodies and benefits. The server has a website and will have a donation system as well so we can fund for the server. There are custom armour sets which are cosmetics so they don't change stats just looks using the armors workshop mod. There will be  unique cosmetics for each rank and the best rank will allow you to create your own! 
      Slots: 50 for now but will extend if needed.
      Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hypnomagic.984698 *There is no art or details on the modpack yet but they have been created but we have had troubles uploading them.*
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      This is a Tekkit Classic server with no banned items or anything. It also has Essentials. I'm open to plugin suggestions. Feel free to use whatever you want in-game.
      Connect to larbob.ddns.net and have fun with us
      Thanks for playing!
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      So this is just a small server that uses one of the best mod packs I've ever found. It's ran off of a server I built and maintain, so I cant really guarantee anything, but I will try whatever I can to make sure its not terrible. It should be up pretty much 24/7 unless there's a power outage / (hopefully) planned maintenance. So far its just me and a few friends that play. I am looking for players who want to be a part of a cool lil' community. PvP is enabled, but pretty frowned upon, we just want to play to build and have fun. It uses the pack linked below, with a few additional admin-y type mods. Like ServerTools, MyTown, and Opis. Nothing is disabled but, but MyTown is there just in case.
      The Rules:
      1) Don't be a dickhead.
      2) If you don't understand what that means you don't belong on the server.
      Server Info:
      Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902
      Host: PM me or reply to this thread if you're interested, and I'll white-list you. (if this isn't allowed let me know)
      Port: Default

    • By Lyktstolpen
      Feel free to hop into our discord:
      Nations Revolution is a newly created server were we focus on giving the user the possibility to raid,
      while still keeping that safety that Towny can provide.
      With mods like IC2, Mekanism, MFR, Thaumcraft. and, Botania we have something for magic users and engineers alike.
      Server IP:
      Modpack link:  https://goo.gl/4yK5D0
      24/7 Dedicated Server hosted in France
      6GB RAM
      Plugin List:
      Mod List: https://goo.gl/U7xzgH
      Rule list: https://goo.gl/br48sk