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I hope this the correct place to post this.

Running a modpack using Technic Solder is very time consuming as I am sure you all who use Solder will agree.

Both myself and the rest of the Wirenut team were becoming frustrated with the time it takes to update over 100 mods. So I decided to create a fully open source compiler which will do the zipping part automatically.

It can be found at

The current features consist of:

  • Browsing to a folder containing jar files
  • Selecting the save location for all zips
  • Zipping the jar files based on data and prompting for missing info
  • Zipping the jar files based on mod jar file name
  • Update checker

The features coming soon are:

  • Remembering last used source and save folders

This is in very early beta and more features will come soon.

I hope you all enjoy, I will be happy to answer any questions.

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Guess twice before posting.

Where do we have modpacks? On the Platform

Do we have a section called the Platform? Yes, yes we do



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