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HI! I am ChaoticOminous, I am just recently starting up a The 1.7.10 Pack private server. I am out here looking for players who are looking to just relax, mess around, and most importantly have fun. The requirements to the server are as listed: Must have skype or discord. And must be over the age 15. Each player is also going to have to fill out an application.





Favorite Mods:


What are you best at?:

Time Zone:

What can you bring to the server?:



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Name: Michael Shaver

IGN: Animefreak83279

Skype: animefreak83279

Favorite Mods: not sure 

Age: 17 (going to be 18 on the 19th)

What are you best at?: building for the most part although i like the technolgy side of technic

Time Zone: central

What can you bring to the server?: happiness idk some fun and cookies i suppose 

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Name: Jason

IGN: Beldhyr

Skype: I don't skype.  I have Discord, same username.

Favorite Mods: Chisel, Microblocks

Age: 37

What are you best at?: Architecture/design.

Time Zone: Eastern U.S., but I work 3rd shift.

What can you bring to the server?:

minecraft sample.png

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IGN: demon1103

Discord: demon1103#5860

Favorite Mods: Adv. Genetics, necromancy, tinkers construct

Age: 23

What are you best at?: mid-tier technology, building "evil" lairs (mad scientist)

Time Zone: Eastern Standard time

What can you bring to the server?: A fun loving "mad" scientist, abominations(necromancy), and FREE JERKY.....just dont ask where the meat comes from

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Hi I messaged my app a week ago but no reply so ima put it here too in case you never see it :P


Name: Lee

IGN: Phantomaus

Skype: phantomaus1.     I believe

Favorite Mods: thaumcraft, thermal expansion, big reactors n stuff.

Age: 17

What are you best at?: Tech mods and small factories

Time Zone: GMT +0

What can you bring to the server?:  A knowledge of the big mods, a decent guy with a desire for fun XD

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Name: Artyum

IGN: xSable

Discord: xSable#3454

Favorite Mods: I don't have a favorite, I like to balance my gameplay.

Age: 25

What are you best at?: Behind the curtain stuff, mod configs, debugging, etc.

Time Zone: EST

What can you bring to the server?: Almost 8 Years of Experience with Minecraft, decent buildings, and mod knowledge.


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Name: Ginny

IGN: _ProbablyGin_

Discord: Gin#4057

Fav mods: dont really have a fav, just go with whatever is within the pack

Age: 18

What are you best at: i build for other servers, maps, housing, spawns. gathering and such

Timezone: CTZ

what can you bring to the server: cool builds, help with newer players when needed and help with some mods. i love settling on a server so i hope i can join this one


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bonjour excuser moi de vous deranger pour sa mais moi mon launcher fonctionne bien mais lorsque le chargement de minecraft commence avec l'instalation des mode quand vous cliquer sur jouer et bien moi mon jeux les telechargent mais lag un peut et arriver a la fin il plante et ne charge pas minecraft une idée pour regler sa sinon j'ai fait une partie dans l'aprem et sa me fait sa depuisse soir merci

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IGN: jordanis1

skype: powerlessjedi1

Fav mod: Witchery

Age: 18

What I'm best at: building

Time zone: EST

What I'll bring to the server: building skills and a bringing a sense to the community and knowlage of mods 

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a 1.7.10 pack? This is Attack of the B-team server section.


Edit. Moved to Custom server zone

Edited by Munaus

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Kind of an old post, hopefully this server is still open. Anyways, here is my Application.


Name: Bill

IGN: DJComputerguy

Discord: Rick Sanchez#4768

Favorite Mods: Computercraft, Tinkers', Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, Flan's Mod

Age: 17

What are you best at?: Working with a good portion of the mods, especially the ones listed above. I am not top builder, but i can design something quite nice if i am feeling it.

Time Zone: PST (West coast USA)

What can you bring to the server?: A well mannered respectable player that can help others with mod related stuff be it in game or client side if needed. I generally keep to myself most of the time, but i will be friendly as long as no act of aggression is expressed.



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